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Patient Testimonials

4 months after Minimally Invasive Anterior Approach Hip Replacement

Dr Melvin is professional and very curtious. I never feel rushed. He is competent, confident and compassionate which is the trifecta I look for in a doctor.

Ratings - RA | December 8, 2018

Dr. Melvin is an incredible doctor and surgeon and I am very grateful to be his patient. Three weeks ago he replaced my left hip using the anterior approach and I am recovering well. Dr. Melvin and his team are first class in every respect—always available to answer questions (including through the Pulse app) and provide important guidance and information. Most important, Dr. Melvin is highly competent and skilled in the field. This is not an easy process but Dr. Melvin and his team made it as easy as possible and during each phase of this process I felt that I was getting the best medical care available. My surgery was performed on an out-patient basis at the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Surgery Center, which is a new and extremely nice facility with incredibly talented and kind doctors and nurses and support personnel. I highly recommend Dr. Melvin to other patients who are seeking joint replacement surgery.

Ratings - JL | December 7, 2018

Very professional staff and physician.

Ratings - RP | December 6, 2018

Dr. Melvin is top of the line. He is knowledgeable and compassionate and full of positive energy and possible solutions to your problem. A great practice and he is a good addition.

Ratings - KL | December 5, 2018

Things seem to have really turned around in the last few months under new management. Hope they can keep it up and make it.

Ratings - WC | December 04, 2018

Been using Motionsoft for several years and have gone through all their upgrades. Great people, great service. 30+ years and this is the Best billing and club management software we have ever used

Ratings - MI | December 04, 2018

This was the old WG and is under new ownership. Great team of owners and staff !

Ratings - FZ | December 04, 2018

no wait, very direct and to the point

Ratings - FC | December 04, 2018

Dr. Melvin is a true God sent! His knowledge, bedside manners and expertise say’s it all!! He takes you step by step through the process which really put me at ease about having a hip replacement at a young age. So, not only is he there from the start, but through the recovery your able to talk to him about any/concerns you may have. He developed an appt that you can tell your recovery story, exercise and proper techniques to use, reach out to the staff and Dr. If you’re looking for top notch service and a great surgeon look no further!! Oh, Sibley is one of the best hospitals in the US, they know how to take care of their patients. I love the staff!! Look no further, I can’t stress it enough!!!!!

Ratings - SI | November 27, 2018

Excellent, Cindy in framing is awesome. she has a great eye, solid suggestions, and just a true artist and all around wonderful person. been going to her for years! can't recommend more highly!!

Very kind and professional. Good listener. Wish I had gotten to him sooner instead of going with a doc who took my insurance. If I have another problem with knees or hips would definitely go back. Thank you!

Ratings - LT | November 16, 2018

I feel in excellent hands with this doctor. He was personable, professional, and informative. He offered several options for my treatment, which made me feel an active participant in the decisions going forward.

Ratings - AD | November 07, 2018

This is for all the adults out there thinking of having Orthodontic work done but are not sure it's for them. If you are self conscious of your smile like I was. If you have have thought of In- Visaline , which is ok for certain applications but for some, only bands will help.. like me. Worried about the look (the braces can be in a clear color which makes them not as noticeable plus you can remove the rubber bands during Business meetings) Yes it will take about 2 years but in the end it will be worth it. You will thank you self the rest of your life. Arrange for a consult with lansdowne. They will explain the process, Dr Hukmani and his team are there to help you. I am so glad I did, and wish I had come sooner

For those considering knee replacement, I realize it can be a difficult decision, I know , I agonized for years, nursing two bad knees with osteo arthritis. My quality of life was not improving , no matter all the yoga, Gel-one shots, voltaren gel (for swelling), and exercise. Dr. Melvin and his teams care has been life altering. From beginning to end all options were explained in detail, he is extremely professional, caring and compassionate. I live over 3 hrs away and he was an out of network physician for me but I would have him operate on me again in an instant. I looked around for a surgeon for three years, I am so glad I found Dr Melvin and WOSM We are blessed to have such talent in our area.

Ratings - RM | November 07, 2018

Great doctor. Thorough and easy to connect with. Dealt with a complex situation and was great. Highly recommend.

Ratings - KM | November 01, 2018

Dr. Melvin is superb. He is thorough in his diagnosis taking into consideration mitigating factors and the patient’s needs. He is extremely knowledgeable and explains exactly what we need to know in a way we understood. He is personable, compassionate, patient, and very skilled. We had a great experience.

Ratings - MU | October 31, 2018

I was a triathlete when I began to experience leg pain in both legs that limited my fitness activities. An MRI revealed femur stress fractures in both legs. Dr Melvin inserted rods in both femurs attached by screws at the knees and hips, and did both legs at the same time. At three months, I am now back to my fitness activities, and could not be more satisfied with the outcome.

Ratings - Healthgrades Review | October 13, 2018

I am a 75 year old retired physician who knew I needed a new left hip so I could continue an active lifestyle. After studying my local options, I chose Dr Melvin. I was home after one night in the hospital and up and moving carefully for the first week taking only Tylenol and Celebrex for pain. After 2 weeks I was walking, doing lots of stairs, driving and on no pain medications. After 8 weeks, I climbed a mountain. I couldn’t be more pleased with the whole process and outcome.

Ratings - ML | October 03, 2018

Dr. Melvin replaced my left hip. He was very professional as was his entire staff! I was seen in a timely fashion! I am thrilled with the results! I would highly recommend Dr. Melvin!

Ratings - Carol S | October 01, 2018

Dr Melvin has been extremely helpful in diagnosing my hip problem. We have worked on a plan together for surgery that works with my schedule and lifestyle. I appreciate his time and attention to my needs.

Ratings - Kate F | October 05, 2018

You get what you pay for. Dr. Melvin is simply better. He made the right call up front, and my suffering ended. In the end, the difference in price was smaller than I thought, if I had I stayed in the plan with Aetna. Better Drs. are worth it, having saved me months of suffering waiting on the others team – even if they did agree that I needed the surgery. I simply can't recommend Dr. Melvin strongly enough.

Ratings - David F | September 29, 2018

Dr. Melvin was very professional My hip replacement surgery was performed in a timely fashion. Dr. Melvin kept me informed through the entire process.

Ratings - Carol S | September 26, 2018

Great doctor and does great work.

Ratings - Sandy B | September 25, 2018

Absolutely great. Diagnosed my problem. Mind to tell you three doctors previously couldn't figure it out.

Ratings - Fernando R | September 22, 2018

Very good information about how to care for my knee. Dr. Melvin was very thorough.

Ratings - Linda H | September 12, 2018

WOSM is a very fine practice and Dr. Melvin continues this tradition. He is constructive and enthusiastic, listens well and answers questions, and suggests solutions. He is a great addition to the practice.

Ratings - Karen L | September 12, 2018

Dr Melvin was absolutely fantastic! I had an unplanned hip replacement due to a fall. He was calm, professional and very kind. He listened to our concerns and responded so confidently and compassionately that I was totally comfortable with moving forward with surgery. After the surgery, he had an daily email with a place to ask questions, daily exercises and information about what to expect. This was a fantastic way to be in touch with Dr Melvin and to have perspective on how I was doing each day. I am doing so well only 2 1/2 months later because of the fantastic surgery Dr Melvin performed and am looking forward to playing golf this week!

Ratings - Susie M | August 22, 2018

I had a great experience with Dr. Melvin. He was thorough and explained in detail my many concerns. He was well worth the 3 hour round trip travel.

Ratings - Janice P | August 22, 2018

He and staff are kind and helpful. He ran late, which really interfered with my schedule, so don’t schefule your time with him with tight limits. But he went to trouble to apologize and wait was worth it.

Ratings - Patricia S | August 21, 2018

Dr. Melvin diagnosis impressed me as nuanced. His explanations of procedures and risks were clear and helpful. I recommend him.

Ratings - Robert O | August 16, 2018

Kind, understanding, reassuring – very much on time.

Ratings - Paul W | August 6, 2018

Competent, great communicator and lovely personality.

Ratings - Diane M | August 3, 2018

Dr. Melvin and his staff are very professional and he is an expert in hip replacement. I just had my hip replaced on July 18, 2018 and 2 weeks later I am driving and walking. Surgery went exactly as he said it would and at this point I couldn’t be more pleased. Highly recommend Dr Melvin!

Ratings - Sean M | August 2, 2018

My experience at WOSM could not have been better. The entire process --which was eased by the helpfulness of the WOSM staff -- consumed less than one-half an hour, including an x-ray and a thorough consultation with Dr. Melvin.

Ratings - Richard H | July 14, 2018

Dr Melvin performed right hip surgery recently. He explained the pre-op, surgery, and post-op process including answering all my questions and concerns. Dr Melvin was referred to me by another surgeon. I am pleased with how the operation turned out. He checked on me while I was in recovery and while in the hospital for a few days. My gait is stable and balanced, no issues regarding right leg being shorter than left leg. I will recommended Dr Melvin to all my family, friends, and sssociates.

Ratings - John A. D Jr in Columbia, MD | June 29, 2018

LAST FALL WAS QUITE EVENTFUL for John Boyd, 73, of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. In August, he finally received long-awaited surgery to replace both hips—during one single operation at Sibley. In September, while he was completing rehabilitation at the hospital, two Category 5 hurricanes just weeks apart pummeled St. Croix and his home.

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Ratings - John B | June 22, 2018

Wonderful, just wonderful. Cannot say enough good things about him and his staff.

Ratings - Philip R. H | June 22, 2018

Dr Melvin and staff are absolutely wonderful. From start to finish I received top notch care. I would highly recommend his practice to anyone in need of a replacement! He truly gave me my life back!!!

Ratings - Brandon W | May 23, 2018

Dr. Stuart Melvin is absolutely the best, as far as I’m concerned! He corrected a previous hip operation by another doctor which had gone bad. I had been in significant pain and disabled for the last year and a half. His bedside manner is extremely caring and warm. My children travelled to Washington to meet him.

They were apprehensive as they did not want me to have another operation. They met Dr. Melvin and he answered all their questions and put them totally at ease. In addition, he called me the night before my surgery to ask if I had any concerns and whether he could answer any questions. One week after Dr. Melvin surgery and I’m feeling like a new person; walking normally and without pain!! I like Dr. Melvin gave me back my life. I recommend him without reservation!

Ratings - Anne | May 22, 2018

Dr. Melvin is an outstanding surgeon that cares about you as a person and not just another patient. He took the time to answer all my questions and concerns. He told me I was a suitable candidate for a bilateral hip replacement and explained the process thoroughly. I was walking the day after surgery and after the first week I no longer needed to take any pain medication. All the pain and limitation I had before surgery is gone. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

Ratings - Barb in laytonsville, MD | May 18, 2018

Dr. Melvin is a skilled, personable, accessible, communicative surgeon who performed my hip surgery recently - anterior hip replacement. It is only 2 weeks post operation and all of the significant pre-surgery pain is gone. I noticed the remarkable lack of pre-surgery pain as soon as I was walking in the hospital; it was replaced by general surgical pain, which is much different and bearable as you know that surgical pain will dissipate fairly quickly. Although this surgery is significant, after my 24 hour hospital stay, I went home and only had to use Tramadol for a few days. Aspirin, Celebrex, and Tylenol will be used for a month and my pain is managed well with Dr. Melvin multi-modal post-op pain protocol. Dr. Melvin also uses a great phone application, Pulse, that asks you questions and provides exercises pre-op and post-op and is an excellent way to stay in touch with him. It also prepares you for surgery and assists with your recovery with questions, exercises, and guidance. When I have reached out to Dr. Melvin through Pulse to ask a question, he immediately responds and his accessibility is great for the patient. I could not be more pleased that I chose Dr. Melvin to perform this surgery; he did a wonderful job and I look forward to continuing to improve over the next few months and to resuming my frequent tennis play and having many pain free activities.

Ratings - Natalie B K | April 19, 2018

Very impressive. Skillful, kind disposition, wonderful surgeon. Highly recommend !!!

Ratings - Kathleen O | Mar 06, 2018

Absolutely the best, Dr. Melvin is a very caring, competent, skilled surgeon. Friends were trying to rush me into hip surgery but I took my time until I was certain that I had found the right physician. I am glad I did. The improvement came to me within a few weeks after surgery and the most amazing part was not pain reduction, my agility improved so much I thought my body clock had been reset by about 30 more very good years to come.

Ratings - Poppajohn in Christiansted, VI | Feb 09, 2018

Extremely pleased with the outcome and the entire process. Everything went according to plan and pain was well managed.

Ratings - Drew C

Dr. Melvin was very thorough; he explained the entire procedure, answered all my questions, offered options and made me feel very confident about choosing to have a hip replacement.

The entire process, procedure went very, very well. I had minimal pain and never needed any narcotics after surgery. It all went like clockwork. I couldn't be more pleased.

Dr. Melvin is wonderful, I highly recommend him.

Ratings - MaryAnn M

Dr. Melvin is young, friendly, attractive and very up to date on the newest knee replacement. He led me through the process and I felt secure in all aspects of the operation. I had Bi-Lateral knee surgery and was concerned about the pain and any complications. The surgery was picture perfect and the recovery extremely quick. I am very happy with the outcome.

Ratings - Donald D

My up-to-the minute-style anterior hip replacement went beautifully: pain gone in 4-5 days, incision healed rapidly, walked and drove soon. Dr. Melvin will tell you anything you want to know about the process, and about the latest in other medical areas. And Sibley Hospital is a great place to recuperate. When my knee needs work, I’ll be right back in his office.

Ratings - Linda in Washington | Jan 01, 2018

Five weeks ago, Dr. Melvin performed a hip replacement for me. I knew within two days that I was better off than in my previous, severely arthritic state; in barely a week I was pain-free and my incision almost healed. Even using the latest anterior approach, this success in recovery is almost miraculous. Other physicians attribute such results to the fact that he works fast.

Add to that, Dr. M is warm and friendly. He provides as much information as one wants about the physiology of the process. He solves problems with ease. And he's enormously encouraging. I recommend him to anyone and everyone.

Ratings - Linda

Words cannot express my appreciate and gratitude for Dr. Melvin. I had to have a replacement knee surgery recently at age 87. Dr. Melvin was outstanding in every way. Confident with his diagnosis and very helpful and supportive including a personal call the day before the surgery! The procedure went very well with little pain and an outstanding result! Two weeks later, I am pain free, walking without problems and driving once again.

I recommend Dr. Melvin without hesitation as an outstanding surgeon and overall caring and personable doctor. I doubt I will have any further issues on my knees, but if I did, I would only come to Dr. Melvin for treatment.

Ratings - Dorothy F | OCT 25, 2017

Dr. Melvin is very personable and not only takes the time to answer the patient's questions, but asks to ensure there are no additional questions. He was very supportive pre-operatively, helping to manage my osteoarthritis pain and providing guidance on when it was time to make the decision for surgery. I am pleased with my surgical results and recommend Dr. Melvin without exception.

Ratings - Herndon, VA | Aug 01, 2017

Dr. James Melvin is an excellent Orthopedic Surgeon. He is articulate, professional and has a great bedside manor. I appreciate the fact he dos not rush the appointments. He is direct and to the point and manages your expectations. He explains everything thoroughly. I have regained my mobility thanks to his skills. Dr. Melvin is a man of compassion and warmth. I highly recommend him if you are looking for one of the Best! Thank you Dr. Melvin fixing my knee.

Ratings - Jeffrey K in Sterling, VA | Jul 26, 2017

Dr. Melvin is an excellent surgeon. He also has an amazing capacity to listen to your concerns and to find solutions. He replaced my hip and I could not be happier with the results!

Ratings - Reston, VA | Jul 25, 2017

Dr. Melvin is well educated, experienced, patient and personable. I required a total left hip arthroplasty due to severe arthritis and its ensuing limitations. Dr. Melvin explained the procedure and the expected results in great detail. His surgical skills are outstanding. I never expected this significant an improvement in my quality of life. I am six weeks post-op and I have more mobility and less pain than I have had in the previous 20 plus years. I recommend Dr. Melvin without reservation.

Ratings - KJ Walsh in Virginia | Jul 25, 2017

Recently, Dr Melvin replaced my wife's infected hip replacement and installed a temporary prosthesis, which worked very well. Three months later, he effected a total hip revision, which has proved to be excellent. He is a first-rate surgeon. Dr Melvin also prepares patients well for what is going...more

Ratings - John H in Reston, VA | Jul 19, 2017

I was rear ended while being a passenger in a car. My injuries are causing pain that I would not wish on anyone. When I was expressing concern to my physical therapist, he suggested an orthopedic team that sees many of his patients. The office asked all of the necessary questions needed to jump thru all the paperwork. The building is conveniently located near my physical therapy location. Parking is available, just pay attention to the signs that save spaces for their businesses. The staff members were cordial and helpful. I saw two doctors who were thorough and polite. I have more visits in the future. My first impression was positive.

Ratings - Gail B

I did my physical therapy here and it was a terrible experience. The physical therapist doesn't communicate to you at all about your progress and all he does is type away on his computer. It looked like he didn't know what he was doing because he kept pulling up websites to help him decide what exercises to give me. I had ACL reconstruction surgery and I felt like every exercise he gave me was useless! Luckily, I switched doctors. 3 week in and I'm now running and hopping around. What a difference a good PT can do.

Ratings - Katherine S

Dr. James Melvin III. After having a total knee replacement in 2006, my knee never felt right. I lived in discomfort for 11 years. Dr. Melvin did a total knee revision in April of 2017. The operation was a life changer and has made an incredible difference. He even called me the night before the operation to give me a few words to ease my mind.

Ratings - Miller, VA | Jul 19, 2017

Fantastic surgeon. I was up and about a couple of days after a hip replacement surgery. Dr. Melvin is extremely talented and a gifted surgeon. Very personable and caring. Highly recommend!!!

Ratings - Darrell C, VA | Jul 18, 2017

Prompt, friendly, very clear about what is involved in the surgery. So far, seems to have done a great job: I was able to drive less than two weeks after having my right hip replaced and walking was relatively easy from the very beginning.

Ratings - Richard Brewster, VA | Jul 18, 2017

Dr. Melvin did my hip replacement surgery and it was a success! He explained all the procedure, answered all my questions and he was very professional, courteous and friendly. I highly recommend Dr. Melvin if you need a hip replacement surgery!

Ratings - Fairfax, VA | Jul 12, 2017

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Melvin. Dr. Melvin performed my bi-lateral hip replacement surgery. Everything went so smoothly. I'm so happy I chose him. He answered all my questions both before and after my surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Melvin if you need hip replacement surgery.

Ratings - Reston, VA | Jul 05, 2017

Words cannot express my appreciate and gratitude for Dr. Melvin. I had to have a replacement knee surgery recently at age 87. Dr. Melvin was outstanding in every way. Confident with his diagnosis and very helpful and supportive including a personal call the day before the surgery! The procedure went very well with little pain and an outstanding result! Two weeks later, I am pain free, walking without problems and driving once again.

I recommend Dr. Melvin without hesitation as an outstanding surgeon and overall caring and personable doctor. I doubt I will have any further issues on my knees, but if I did, I would only come to Dr. Melvin for treatment.

Ratings - Fortna

Dr. Melvin is simply nothing short of amazing. Not only did he have a marvelous and reassuring bedside manner, but he spent considerable time looking at my x-rays and cat scans and then thoroughly explained the severity of my injury and what my options were. If I ever have another orthopedic issue again, I'm going back to him. I can unequivocally recommend him.

Ratings - White

Dr. Melvin performed a total knee replacement for my mother in June 2017. From the pre-surgery preparation, thru the surgery and post-op care he was impeccable. Coming from a family of 5 doctors and growing up around hospitals I could see that Dr. Melvin actually LISTENS to his patients and CARES for their welfare. He's not some stuffy academic or egoistic doctor - not that I know any of those. He takes the time to explain, in lay man terms, what's happening from a medical perspective. We never felt rushed or hurried for him to skip to the next patient.

I highly recommend Dr. Melvin for anyone in need of a good orthopedic surgeon.

Ratings - Verma

Dr. Melvin performed a total hip replacement on me a year ago. I do not know if my results are typical. I was not in any pain after the surgery, never took any pain medication after an overnight at the hospital, walked in unaided to physical therapy two days later (I got out on a Friday), and went back to work a week and a half later. What more can I say.....other than I highly recommend Dr. Melvin.

Ratings - McDonald

I knew I needed both knees replaced but had heard so many horror stories that I was just plain scared to have it done. Finally, my children convinced me to speak with a doctor at their orthopedic clinic and I was given an appointment with Dr. Melvin. He was so easy to talk to and so confident that I was immediately at ease with him. We decided after another appointment that I would have both knees done at the same time. The surgery was May 18th, and here I am, August 12th, done with PT and walking without a cane.

Ratings - Havard

I had a knee surgery just over a week ago and had Dr. Melvin not of been there, well it would of been a long and painful process. I honestly feel like he is the best doctor in the entire OrthoVirginia area, which made leaving hard and sad!

Ratings - Bakhsh

Dr Melvin cares about his patient before and after surgery. He explains everything you need to know about your surgery. I was referred to OrthoVirginia by my primary care doctor after having 2 botched knee surgeries in Winchester Virginia he is a good orthopedic surgeon and I would refer anyone to him.

Ratings - Richardson-Merritt

The highest compliment that I can give to Dr. Melvin is that I will recommend him to my family and friends, which I don't do lightly.

Ratings - Hilton

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