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Patient Testimonials

Appointments always helpful and informative. Also always on time too!

Ratings James Blanchard – Feb 24, 2024

Personable, knowledgeable and my go-to-guy for hip pain.

Ratings Ann Eichenberger – Feb 24, 2024

Excellent service from Dr Melvin and his nurse. Really a pleasure to be his patient and he keeps my knee feeling good.

Ratings Stuart Berkson – Feb 24, 2024

I had two hip replacements within the past eight months. Excellent results. He is an excellent doctor and will immediately put you at ease. I got a call from his office today letting me know that he was running 10 minutes behind! I cant imagine any other doctor’s office doing that. BTW he has always been very punctual.

Ratings Anonymous – Feb 22, 2024

Nine weeks ago Dr Melvin replaced my arthritic right hip. I chose him because two friends raved about his surgery on their hips and knees. Now I rave about him, too. The surgery went very smoothly. Dr Melvin got my right leg to the same length as my left one. Recovery is going well and the best part is that Dr Melvin’s medical assistant has been wonderful. In the first few weeks I emailed her two or three questions a week and she always responded well within an hour, even if just to let me know she would ask Dr Melvin about it later in the day. Every question was answered within a day. This high level of post-operative support was equaled by the extraordinary pre-operative support. Dr Melvin’s guided me through two health problems and one panic attack about the surgery that occurred in the weeks right before surgery, so I made it to the operating room on the planned date. Throughout it all he was calm, compassionate, and reassuring. Truly top notch!

Ratings Anonymous – Feb 04, 2024

I go in quarterly for a cortisone shot from Dr. Melvin, who replaced my hip 6 years ago. He’s very efficient but genial and loves to explain things. Always a welcome face!

Ratings Linda Salamon – Feb, 2024

Great attention as always. Dr Melvin and Mary Jane are a great team, and all the others at WOSM as well

Ratings Miguel Cordova – Feb, 2024

Dr Melvin has improved the quality of my life immeasurably. He performed a hip joint replacement and a knee replacement that has reduced the pain in my joints and helped me get back to physical activities I thought I would have to give up. Excellent doctor with an exceptional staff.

Ratings Allan Shapiro – Feb, 2024

Love Dr. Melvin, he’s the best in the biz. Multiple successful experiences with him and the staff at WOSM. I stopped searching for any other doctors or remedies to the ailments and injuries I have sustained, self inflicted, by still participating in sports and physical activities. They keep me in the game! Thank you!

Ratings Lee Miller – Feb, 2024

During follow up office visits, Dr. Melvin always takes the time to listen to you and then address your concerns. You never feel rushed. In the hospital he is the same way before and after your surgery. His staff is also very caring, professional, and friendly. I can’t say enough good things about the entire team.

Ratings Joan Fuchsman – Feb, 2024

Dr. Melvin met with me this afternoon (1/5/24) and, after reviewing latest x-rays, gave me a clean bill of health on my new left hip. Thank you, Dr. Melvin!

Ratings James Hogan – Jan, 2024

Dr. Melvin is very user-friendly and easy to deal with. He gives you straight answers and I am very confident in the work that he’s done for me over the last several years. I recommend Dr. Melvin very highly.

Ratings Dan Wodiska – Jan, 2024

Prompt treatment and excellent health care

Ratings Anonymous – Dec 20, 2023

Dr. Melvin and the staff at WOSM are friendly, professional and helpful. I had a hip replacement and was well prepared for the experience. I recommend that anti nausea medication be included as part of the drug regimen and do not hesitate to use the emergency number provided for any questions.

Ratings Debbie – Dec 12, 2023

The best knee and hip replacement surgeon around. Straight forward, all with a smile and knows every aspect of speciality. The BEST!

Ratings Judah Sommer – Dec, 2023

Dr. Melvin is a caring and smart orthopedist.

Ratings Marion Usher – Dec, 2023

I had an outstanding experience with Dr. Melvin, who performed knee replacement surgery on my right knee. Surgery was 4 weeks ago, and I’ve had a pretty easy time of it. Dr. Melvin and his entire team were excellent before and after surgery, and I was well-prepared for what to expect and what to do. I am healing well, with no issues. I hope I don’t need another surgery, but if I do, I will go to Dr. Melvin. Thank you!

Ratings J McQueen – Dec, 2023

Dr. Melvin is a competent doctor and has excellent bedside manner. A few xrays were taken of my right knee and right hip due to recent discomfort. After reviewing xrays, the good news was I didn’t have any regression from xrays taken in 2019. My knee has a little arthritis but overall my knee and hip look good.

A prescription was given for PT to help relieve some of the pain that I presently have.

I would highly recommend Dr. Melvin to anyone that has knee or hip problems. He is very knowledgeable and thorough and would absolutely take care of you.

Ratings Hazel Bagwell – Dec, 2023

Patient with excellent "bedside" manners.

Ratings Irene Jackson-Brown – Nov, 2023

Everyone in the office is very kind and friendly. Dr. Melvin always takes the time to listen to everything you have to say.

Ratings Joan Fuchsman – Nov, 2023

Dr. Melvin and his assistants were prompt and professional. All of my questions were answered and I felt I was in the best of hands.

Ratings Rosa Koppel – Nov, 2023

The best Orthopedic doctor and surgeon in the DC area. He cares and is very interest in my care. His treatments are allow in my to continue to participate in all sports such as basketball and baseball at 78 years old.

Ratings Dan Wodiska – Nov, 2023

Not sure where to begin as his personal staff (including his medical assistant) and the staff at the surgery center surpassed all expectations. Based on pre-op visits and information shared, I felt totally prepared for what to expect on the day of surgery and thereafter. Finally, and best of all, after faithfully doing my PT with other wonderful folks I have restored full mobility to my knee. Dr. Melvin is also a consummate professional who relates wonderfully with his patients. I could not have been happier with the experience.

Ratings Robert Stack – Nov, 2023

Friendly Easy going style, fully explains things, minimizes pain, and thorough on minimizing insurance conflict (minimizing out of pocket).

Ratings N D – Nov, 2023

Not even 9 month ago I was in a lot of pain at my both hips. A few years earlier I had seen an orthopedic specialist in Brazil, the country is was born, and he mentioned that in a few year I would most likely need a surgery.

At the beginning of this year I decided to see Dr Melvin after doing some research on hip pain specialists in DC.

At my first visit, after looking at my x-rays, Dr Melvin said: This has a very easy solution – hip replacement. I kind of freaked out and he suggested I could do a cortisone shot first to see if it would ease my pain. I did, for 2 month.

So I decided to go back to Dr Melvin and let him know I was ready for surgery.

He recommended we do the left hip first as it was bothering me really a lot. June 8th I did my first surgery in the morning, at 1pm the same I was home walking with a walker. 3 weeks later I traveled to Australia on a job.

And without pain on that surgery leg. I just did my other side hip replacement 2.5 weeks ago and I’m walking in no pain and no pain medication.

Dr Melvin is a super star, wonderful doctor. I can’t thank him enough for helping me feeling no pain in my hips.

I would do it all again and only with him!

Ratings Karin Stuckenschmidt – Nov, 2023

Very clear in his diagnosis and treatment recommendation.

Ratings Nicholas Lardy – Oct, 2023

Dr Melvin was very pleasant, listened to my concerns, and quickly diagnosed my problem.

Ratings Sheila Murtland – Oct, 2023

Highly competent, personable and friendly, down to business and to the point. Knows his stuff!!!

Ratings Anthony Werner – Sept, 2023

Everyone in the office was nice and efficiently helped me. Dr Melvin was great!

Ratings MaryJane Boswell – Sept, 2023

Professional and kind. Very understanding of arthritis in the knee and works with me to help remediate it.

Ratings Meg Weekes – Sep 19, 2023

Great experience.

RatingsCharles Thurman – Sep 19, 2023

Dr. Melvin and the entire surgery staff were terrific in getting me through what was a day full of apprehension in having my left hip replacement. He projected confidence, and I am most grateful for receiving a new left hip from his work. I am getting my life back and hope to walk a lot again. Thank you, Dr. Melvin!

RatingsJames Hogan – Sep 15, 2023

Such a positive experience. I was at my final appointment just short of 4 months from hip replacement surgery and all phases of the process from initial visit to surgery and rehab went far better than expected. Good information, professional and competent help from all involved in the practice.

Ratings Verified Patient, – Sep 14, 2023

Four months post hip replacement surgery and I only say great things about Dr. Melvin his office, Phoenix PT and hospital teams.

Ratings Ellen Ross – Sep 12, 2023

I am pleased with the surgery and I found interacting with Dr. Melvin very pleasant. He listens and responds to questions and concerns. And his assistant Taylor is totally on top of things. Definitely a 5 ⭐ experience.

RatingsGayle P – Aug 29, 2023

Dr. Melvin is a fabulous, caring, and very smart doc who is very accomplished in his field. His staff is kind and courteous and always available. My hip replacement went smoothly and pain free.

Ratings Elaine Miller – Aug 29, 2023

No waiting. Quick evaluation and treatment. Out in 30 minutes.

RatingsDan Patriarca – Aug 29, 2023

Dr Melvin led the team inserting an artificial right knee and did so without subsequent issues at 3 months.

Ratings Randal Teague – Aug 29, 2023

Right hip replacement at 85 years old. Excellent jobby his staff to prepare me and my wife for my operation. I was kept two night afterwards just in case of complications (none detected).Fine job in reviewing the results of the operation at different points afterwards up until today at five months out.

RatingsNone – Aug 26, 2023

Great doctor and surgery center. Nurses were wonderful.

Ratings Richard Maddox – Aug 18, 2023

A kind and caring doctor who answered all my questions. Office staff five stars too.

Ratings Jura – Aug 18, 2023

Dr Melvin was very thorough in his discussion of the preparation and postoperative recovery from a knee replacement surgery

RatingsMitchell Russ – Aug, 2023

Highly competent, personable and friendly, down to business and to the point. Knows his stuff!!!

RatingsAnthony Werner – Aug, 2023

I had an excellent experience in my visit with Dr. Melvin. He explained the issues clearly, presented the options available and let me make the decision that suited my preferences best. My choice was a delayed surgery with an immediate steroid injection which brought me great relief within hours.

RatingsEduardo Borensztein – Jul, 2023

Dr. Melvin is the best, taking care of my both knees arthritis. Skillful, friendly, gentle and so much care of my health. Highly recommend 👍

RatingsAzinar Mara – May, 2023

Dr Melvin has replaced both my knees but from the beginning has always been respectful and understanding in explaining my problems and fid not rush into surgery until I was ready.

RatingsElizabeth Collins – Jun 28, 2023

No waiting out in 15 minutes

RatingsDan Patriarca – Jun 08, 2023

Wonderful and very professional. I really loved the warm feeling I received when I entered the office. And the staff was extremely friendly.

RatingsLillie Edwards – May 29, 2023

Dr. Melvin listens, explains, fixes the problem, and follows up. He’s a perfect surgeon.

RatingsJean Eagleton – May 15, 2023

Dr. Melvin is the best, taking care of my both knees arthritis. Skillful, friendly, gentle and so much care of my health.
Highly recommend 👍

RatingsAzinar Mara – May 15, 2023

Dr. Melvin is skilled and caring for his patients. I have arthritis in my right knee. Dr. Melvin is guiding me with information and appropriate treatment for this stage of my knee pain. He always invites follow up with, "if you need anything, don’t hesitate to call". His assistant, Taylor, is always responsive.

RatingsNila – Apr 06, 2023

Dr Melvin is wonderful. Very nice and patient.

RatingsArole Zeitzoff – Apr 15, 2023

Way too much paperwork at a practice I’ve visited multiple times, but I guess there’s no getting around that.
The reception staff were efficient and helpful.
Wait time was minimal.
The X-ray tech was quick and efficient.
Dr. Melvin helped me understand my physical condition and offered a couple of suggestions for improvement. He’s personable and pleasant and clearly knows his stuff. Top marks.

RatingsJohn Belz – Feb, 2023

My experience with Dr. Melvin was excellent.

RatingsMarilyn Tucker – Feb, 2023

Excellent doctor. Thank you for your help Dr. Melvin!

RatingsJerry Scuderi – Feb, 2023

Very friendly doctor

RatingsRebeka Fekade – Feb, 2023

Efficient, professional, experienced! Couldn’t really ask for more.

RatingsDiane Donley – Feb, 2023

Dr. Melvin has been my doctor for many years, a hip replacement a few years ago, and now knee pain. He is excellent in every way. Careful, caring, and knowledgeable.

RatingsEvelyn T. Beck – Feb, 2023

Dr. Melvin lived up to his sterling reputation.

RatingsBarbara Case – Feb, 2023

Dr Melvin is wonderful. Very nice and patient.

RatingsCarole Z – Feb, 2023

I recently had a total knee replacement with Dr Melvin. I was very impressed by his expertise, professionalism, and overall coordination and management of the surgery and all of the encounters I had with him. He seems to value mutual decision-making, and understands the importance of thorough patient education and preparation to promote a successful outcome. His explanations were comprehensive, yet easy to understand. His Chevy Chase office is efficiently run. Both he and his Medical Assistant were quite prompt in answering e-mails and assuring that my needs were met. I’m grateful for everything the entire team did, and I highly recommend Dr Melvin.

RatingsBarbara Clark – Feb, 2023

Dr Melvin has improved the quality of my life immeasurably. He performed a hip joint replacement and a knee replacement that has reduced the pain in my joints and helped me get back to physical activities I thought I would have to give up. Excellent doctor with an exceptional staff.

RatingsAllan Shapiro – Feb, 2023

Dr. Melvin provided clear, brief explanations of the pain I am experiencing in my right leg and hip as I climb stairs and walk uphill. He also gave a second injection to the hip area and prescribed therapy for weeks. The entire exchange took less than fifteen minutes. I appreciated quick actions and straight talk in response to the symptoms I described.

RatingsRicardo Fernandez – Feb, 2023

The best doctor w the best group of professionals assisting him. Friendly, smart, efficient, Uber-talented surgeon. One drawback—he’s a Tarheel fan.

RatingsBob bowman – Feb 01, 2023

I am happy to share that Dr. Melvin meets all of th criteria for a caring doc at the top of field. He participates in reseach and provides advanced medical services and procedures. Has a well coordinated team. 2 weeks from TKR, I walked 6,000 steps on a day that I had PT. He also replaced my hip 3 yrs prior. There are many excellent reasons to use him as your surgeon, just like several friends have.

RatingsCarol Beswick – Jan, 2023

Dr. Melvin has replaced both of my hips… considering this has been a journey across 4+ years, he has provide the most consistent care I have ever received along with the most amazing skill! I regained full mobility after my first hip replacement and I am well on my way to even better results with #2.

RatingsTracy Iseler – Jan 30, 2023

Dr Melvin and his staff (both in the office and at the surgical center) were thoroughly professional and helpful during the entire process, including pre-op, surgery, recovery, and post-operative care.

RatingsRichard Kingham – Jan 30, 2023

Dr. Melvin is wonderful. He did my knee replacement and I couldn’t be more pleased. He is knowledgeable, thorough and patient. Highly recommend.

RatingsMarcia Harman – Jan 30, 2023

Phenomenal Surgeon
If you have Hip Issues this is The 1 & Only Surgeon You need to see

RatingsEric Kozlowski – Jan 30, 2023

Dr. Melvin is great. My hip replacement operation was successful, he clearly explained what to expect and his joint replacement team were very responsive throughout the process.

RatingsBill Bavinger – Jan 30, 2023

Well organized office—I could fill out forms ahead of time, and Dr. Melvin clearly explained and immediately addressed my problem. A terrific experience all around.

RatingsAnita Sama – Jan 30, 2023

The office is amazing—so efficient and friendly! Dr. Melvin never hurries through an appointment and listens carefully, always giving as many options as possible.

Ratings Joan Murray – Jan 30, 2023

Dr. Melvin replaced my hip recently and it was a very good experience. He is genuinely one of the nicest surgeons I have met who has that unique quality of listening well and being an excellent surgeon. I will always be grateful to him for changing my life for the better. He has a wonderful gift! Taylor his assistant is very nice too!! Always responded to my questions in a timely matter.

RatingsLucy Treene – Jan 30, 2023

Dr. Melvin was fast, friendly, and efficient in this 3-year post-op meeting. The hip is doing great.

RatingsBrian Hosford – Jan 30, 2023

Outstanding doctor!
It went very well. Dr. Melvin explains everything in detail. I gave him credit for making it possible for me to walk again and eventually play tennis. Thank you, Dr. Melvin. Thank you.

Ratings– Jan 30, 2023

Best doctor
Dr. Melvin is friendly and knowledgeable. He takes the time to talk with and listen to you. He is absolutely the best. Helpful

Ratings– Jan 11, 2023

The office is well organized and helpful before and after my surgery. Dr Melvin spent time listening to me and his advice was useful.

Ratings – Jan 09, 2023

Dr. Melvin is great. My hip replacement operation was successful, he clearly explained what to expect and his joint replacement team were very responsive throughout the process.

RatingsBill B – Dec 19, 2022

Well organized office - I could fill out forms ahead of time, and Dr. Melvin clearly explained and immediately addressed my problem. A terrific experience all around.

RatingsAnita S – Dec 08, 2022

Terrific doctor, solved my issues. Can’t ask for more.

RatingsPatrick P – Nov 30, 2022

I’m writing for my partner who has had his right hip replaced in October. He is very pleased with all aspects of Dr. Melvin’s practice: he spends time with you and listens to your concerns, he answers your questions, and he is an excellent surgeon. My surgery went very well and I was up walking (gingerly) the very next morning. My recovery has been pretty quick in my opinion, with some pains of course, but it has been well worth it so far.

RatingsTerry F – Nov 20, 2022

I am happy to share that Dr. Melvin meets all of th criteria for a caring doc at the top of field. He participates in reseach and provides advanced medical services and procedures. Has a well coordinated team. 2 weeks from TKR, I walked 6,000 steps on a day that I had PT. He also replaced my hip 3 yrs prior. There are many excellent reasons to use him as your surgeon, just like several friends have.

RatingsCarol B – Nov 19, 2022

Hip Replacement Surgery
My internist recommended Dr. Melvin. I did my research and it was clear from his reviews, his website, watching his lectures, looking at his publications and reviewing his educational background that Dr. Melvin would be excellent. I was not disappointed. He is the most efficient physician I have ever been to, yet I did not feel rushed – he listened to all of my questions and answered them. He did not meet me with "scalpel in hand"—he ordered x-rays, tried conservative treatments, and in the end ordered a high resolution MRI. From all of that WE concluded I needed to have my hip replaced. It very much felt like a joint (no pun intended) decision. I am 3 weeks post op and I feel great, better than I have in years. I will not hesitate to go to him again if my other hip acts up. I have already recommended him to others. He is

RatingsSusan H. – Oct 26, 2022

Excellent follow up with Dr. Melvin. Takes time and answers all questions, Always explaining in detail and can answer any question. Is the most Knowledgeable trauma surgeon.

RatingsInge Molzahn – Nov 05, 2022

Dr Melvin (and his staff) are professional, personal and responsive. I am very grateful for Dr. Melvin and his medical assistant Taylor. They are a great team. Dr. Melvin told me "I can fix it" and he did! I highly recommend Dr. J Stuart Melvin.

RatingsCarol Hylton – Nov 01, 2022

Dr. Melvin was perfect, I couldn’t be more pleased. He gave me the information I needed and answered all my questions.

RatingsMallory Lawson – Nov 01, 2022

Dr Mekvin is excellent in applying visco-supplementation shots in my knee. He does it without aenesthesia,without any pain, superbly well. He is also a caring, personable doctor. Julius. Varallyay

RatingsJulius Varallyay – Nov 01, 2022

Great experience with partial knee replacement surgery.

RatingsA Davis – Nov 01, 2022

Wouldn’t ever go anywhere else. Scheduling my appointment was a breeze, I didn’t feel rushed at all and all of my questions were answered in detail. Most important, Dr. Melvin is obviously passionate about what he does. No better orthopedist around.

RatingsSara F Goldstein – Oct 28, 2022

High-class person. Very professional operation. Comprehensive and efficient.

RatingsFranklin E. White – Oct 27, 2022

Hip Replacement
I recently had two hip replacement surgeries performed by Dr. Melvin. His professional expertise, knowledge of the issues, personal demeanor and understanding of my apprehensions were exemplary. Dr. Melvin is not only an accomplished surgeon but a kind and personable physician. I highly recommend him to anyone contemplating orthopedic surgery.

RatingsChristine McClelland – Oct 11, 2022

Excellent experience. Dr. Melvin was friendly, frank and efficient. He clearly explained and described the various aspects of hip surgery. I would happily recommend him to anyone facing similar challenges.

RatingsRobert and Mette Beecroft – Oct 09, 2022

Dr. Melvin described my situation very well, and the need for eventual hip surgery. No pressure. The decision is now in my court. Although I don’t look forward to surgery, Dr. Melvin did a great hip replacement surgery on my other hip, and I know I’ll be in good hands. Dr. Melvin is skilled in his profession and also compassionate - an important combination.

RatingsJulie Potter – Sep 20, 2022

Total Knee Replacement – Never ANY Pain
Just returned from 3 month F/U appt. after Total Knee Replacement (TKR). 100% range of motion, have resumed golf, bike, swim, workouts. Since the surgery, never any pain. Some discomfort immediately after surgery with swelling and soreness associated with post-op physical therapy. If you follow the Surgery Guide that lays out what needs to be done, it will work. Have to do the PT at least 2X a day for it to work. It does work. Dr. Melvin is a gifted surgeon. From the initial consult, he explained my condition, exactly what needed to be done, likelihood of a positive outcome, timeline, etc. Always available for questions. I would return to Dr. Melvin with any future orthopedic issues. A terrific physician.

RatingsScott Armstrong – Sep 19, 2022

Total hip replacement surgery
I can wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Melvin and his team for the comprehensive care I received. The initial diagnosis, preparations for surgery, procedure, and post-op care were all excellent. His team provides a well-coordinated effort that includes detailed instructions regarding medications, physical therapy, and the surgical procedure itself. Also important is Dr. Melvin’s pleasant and patient manner.

RatingsAug 24, 2022

Dr. Melvin just completed my husbands double hip replacement! My husband had been suffering with his hips for a long time and was doing shots until we knew it was time! He is doing great and moving better than ever after just 2 weeks!! I can’t say enough or thank Dr. Melvin and his office for their kindness, follow-up, and support given to him!

RatingsDawn Williams - Aug 19, 2022

Dr Melvin and staff were respectful. The treatment was performed with skill, a steroid injection for a painful hip. He performed it successfully three years ago as well.

RatingsSam Goodman - Aug 18, 2022

Excellent experience. Dr. Melvin was friendly, frank and efficient. He clearly explained and described the various aspects of hip surgery. I would happily recommend him to anyone facing similar challenges.

RatingsRobert and Mette Beecroft - Aug 17, 2022

The staff worked me into the schedule for an emergency appointment, which I so appreciated. Dr. Melvin spent time with me and I felt confident that I was in good hands with a doctor who cared about my outcome. He was very patient, thorough and thoughtful.

RatingsSally Skillman- Aug 2022

THA, total anterior hip replacement.
I could have not been in better hands than with Dr. Melvin. His PA told me before the surgery "it is a walk in the park". I could not believe her words until I experienced it myself. Sure enough, it was a walk in the park, minimal post/op pain and recovery is very fast and NO more pain. I have fallen 3 x in less than a year ( not because of the hip surgery.) My hip survived all the falls, that speaks for itself. Dr.Melvin and his staff is the best, very experienced, very professional, listens to the patient, I other words, EXCELLENT!

RatingsInge K. Molzahn - Jul 19, 2022

Outstanding surgeon
Dr Melvin performed hip replacement surgery on me three weeks ago and I am now walking unassisted. He made the experience an easy one. His surgical skills are matched by his easy and kind demeanor. Because of my very positive experience I have asked decided Dr Melvin to perform knee replacement surgery on me early next year. I highly recommend Dr Melvin to anyone considering hip or knee replacement surgery.

Ratings July 17, 2022

Excellent follow up after more than a year After the first time I saw Dr.Melvin. Highly professional and experienced. Brilliant care.

Ratings Dragan Djordjijevic – July 03, 2022

I am almost 2 years out (7/14) from my total hip replacement due to osteoarthritis. VERY PLEASED with my return to doing anything I want to do. Under Dr. Melvin’s excellent care and superb surgical skills, I had very successful and basically pain free surgery and quick recovery. He is very patient, accessible and has a tremendous staff. The entire pratice is a finely tuned machine. Highly recommned him if you are in pain and are contemplating surgery. You will not regret it.

Ratings Anne Curry – Jun 26, 2022

Great experience throughout
I can’t recommend Dr. Melvin and his team too highly. My knee replacement wasn’t my first orthopedic experience, but it was the most supportive and comprehensive care I’ve received. Dr. Melvin was approachable, thorough, and encouraging at all stages of my diagnosis, surgery, and follow through care. Highly recommended!

Ratings Sue S, Chevy Chase MD – Jun 15, 2022

Dr. Melvin is a superior surgeon. My outcome and his care were uniformly excellent.

Ratings MARY KAY WULF – Jun 11, 2022

Total Knee Replacement – No Pain
Dr. Melvin and his team are the best. Total Knee Replacement-No pain. I did not experience any pain at all from the surgery. Kept waiting, but the pain never arrived. 19 days from surgery, swelling down, walking without a cane. PT has brought the pain, which is understandable and expected. Dr. Melvin is professional, caring and an incredibly talented surgeon. I would not hesitate to recommend him to family and friends with the strongest of endorsements.

Ratings Scott Armstrong – Jun 06, 2022

Hip replacement
I was pleased with Dr. Melvin’s attention over three difficult months. Excellent advice and care.

Ratings Tim Matz – May 26, 2022

New Hip
Dr. Melvin was informative before the surgery, and it went just as he had promised. Within about an hour, I had a new hip, and, soon after I awoke in recovery, I was able to walk out of the surgical center. The 2nd and 3rd day were tough, but thereafter recovery was a piece of cake. I was very happy with Dr. Melvin’s expertise and attentiveness.

Ratings Jonathan Ginsburg - May 23, 2022

After my first visit for consultation on total knee replacement, I found Dr. Melvin to be very thorough and extremely attentive. He answered all my questions satisfactorily. And then the surgery! It went very well and I have no pain in my knee and am able to walk and bend my knee very comfortably. His team at his office and at the Bethesda Surgery Center are very caring and efficient. All in all a very positive experience

Ratings Jyoti - Apr 28, 2022

Excellent Surgeon and Team My experience with Dr. Melvin and his entire team has been excellent in every respect. They are, without exception, professional, attentive, and caring. My hip replacement so far (after eight days) has been successful beyond any expectation I had. I can walk again without pain!

Ratings April 22, 2022

Dr. Melvin corrected damage done elsewhere during my hip replacement. He has a very good bedside manner and listens well.

Ratings Karl S. Veit - April 20, 2022

From the start, I was well served by Dr. Melvin. My first visit was for an evaluation and discussion of my hip problems. After our discussion and evaluation, I waited 6 months to decide on a hip replacement. In my next appointment, we scheduled my surgery for that month. The office provides excellent guidance on all the items one must do in preparation for the surgery. Following the actual surgery, I followed the guidelines provided and began using only a cane four days after surgery. After two weeks, I dropped the use of the cane altogether. Today I had my three-week check up and everything looks fine. I am completely satisfied with Dr. Melvin and would strongly recommend him to provide excellent care. I made up my own mind to have the surgery. Dr. Melvin was excellent in all regards.

Ratings Suzanne Rooney - April 18, 2022

The experience was exceptional. Dr. Melvin performed a total knee replacement. I found that I had almost full range of motion from day one. Now, at three weeks, I walk without a limp, with very little pain, as though it were the knee I was born with. I’ve had three previous joint replacements, and this was easily the best experience.

Ratings April 07, 2022

No waiting, whole team was polite, X-ray available in the office, and Dr Melvin took his time and explained everything to my understanding. One of the best medical visits I’ve had in a long time!

RatingsRichard S | April 06, 2022

Dr Melvin replaced my knee and hip for me and they both turn out perfectly. He is most professional, thoughtful and caring and explained both procedures thoroughly. The staff was professional and knowledgeable as well My experience at Sibley for the operations were almost fun.

RatingsMaryann F | April 01, 2022

Thanks to Dr. Melvin and his staff and the staff of Sibley Hospital, my surgery went very smoothly. So far the post-op has gone very well too. Thanks to all for the excellent care.

RatingsAnn | Mar 25, 2022

The day of my surgery I literally walked out of the surgery center with my new hip in no pain. Within 3 weeks I was mowing my lawn and back to other normal activities. Now at 3 months it’s like I never had a hip problem and I kick myself for not having that arthritic hip replaced sooner. Dr Melvin is just the best. I was just lucky that my neighbor who is a nurse recommended him to me and he is every bit as good a surgeon as my neighbor said!

RatingsDonald H | Jan 29, 2022

This was my first visit to see Dr. Melvin. I’d been having an annoying pain in my knee. X-rays were done right in the office so there is no wait time. Dr. Melvin was able to review them right away and ease my fears. He and his staff were both professional and welcoming. The office was very clean and social distance protocols were in place. I will recommend Dr. Melvin to my family and friends without hesitation.

RatingsEva P | Jan 26, 2022

He is a talented and amazing doctor. Hes helped me through several concerns.

RatingsCarol B | Jan 08, 2022

Dr. Melvin has helped me with two hip replacement revisions, and now has replaced my right knee. The outcomes of each operation were super successful. Importantly, Dr. Melvin supported my every need preparing and recovering from these operations so wonderfully that I never experienced anxiety, pain or post operative difficulties. Rehabilitation goals were quickly achieved. I am forever grateful for his kindness and extraordinary skills.

RatingsSandra N | Jan 05, 2022

This is was a unbeleivable expereince, I was in surgery room at 6:30 am and walking down my hallway in my house by 11:30am. I am amazed on how fast I am recovering from a total hip replacement. Thank you so much helping me through this process.

RatingsJohn T | Dec 16, 2021

Dr Melvin is great. The staff are excellent and always on time

RatingsAl Noshirvani | Dec 07, 2021

I didn’t wait long before seeing the Dr. Melvin. Office staff was courteous.
Dr. Melvin was also courteous, as well as knowledgeable and prepared – he had reviewed the forms I’d filled out on-line about my medical history, as well as MRI report, before he came into examination room, so he was fully informed to talk to me about my condition and medical alternatives. He was efficient but did not seem in a hurry. Great experience.

RatingsWendelin W | Nov 23, 2021

My husband Fred Woodworth had a wonderful experience with Dr. Melvin. He was outstanding in every way.

RatingsAnne Harding W | Nov 03, 2021

My husband Fred Woodworth had a wonderful experience with Dr. Melvin. He was outstanding in every way.

RatingsAnne Harding W | Nov 03, 2021

Excellent care. Dr. Melvin clearly and patiently explained the surgery and what to expect afterwards. He made me feel confident in him and his team. This proved to be well deserved. I have had no pain since surgery and needed no opioids. My progress has been steady.

RatingsAnch N | Nov 03, 2021

Dr Melvin's clear explanation of the procedure he would perform, the professional competence of his OR team and the caring support of his healthcare professionals made for an excellent experience. From a patient's perspective everything went smoothly.

RatingsDonald M | Nov 01, 2021

A TKR done in Atlanta in September 2020 was "disturbed" by a fall in November prior to moving. After moving to the DC area, Dr Melvin was my HERO, determining what had happened to the replacement and performing a remedial procedure to correct the situation. All good. I have been discharged from WOSM, as of today, but know if anything else comes up, that will be the first number I call.

RatingsAndrea W | Oct 28, 2021

Excellent surgeon but not one that goes immediately to surgery as the default treatment.

RatingsWhit P | Oct 28, 2021

Efficient and friendly. No messing around – he gets you in on time and out quickly with to the point answers. Knows his stuff.

RatingsN D | Oct 20, 2021

Caring provider, great staff. Look forward to returning.

RatingsSga3532 | Oct 19, 2021

I went to see Dr. Melvin a few months ago for a very painful hip. He was very thorough in his evaluation of my symptoms as well as in his explanation of a proposed course of action. I recommend Dr. Melvin without reservation for his professionalism & bedside manner.

RatingsEnrique P | Sep 21, 2021

Dr. Melvin is excellent. He explained carefully what to do with the problem I came to see him for. He took his time to make his point clear. I have a much better picture of what to do and it is reassuring.

RatingsRose-Helene S | Sep 15, 2021

Very efficiently run, with friendly people, from the receptionists to the X-ray technician and the PA. Dr. Melvin is wonderful and I have recommended him to several people.

RatingsKaren L | Sep 15, 2021

Dr. Melvin is great. I don’t know how I could have picked a better Doctor or person to replace my hip. He is experienced, well-trained and Board Certified. I am 78 years old. My biggest issue since August 4th has been to hold myself back because I feel as well as I do. Doc is empathetic, matter of fact about the healing process, understood my fears going in, and took the time to answer my questions.

RatingsRobert S | Sep 07, 2021

Dr. Melvin is highly skilled in hip replacement and is easy to work with.

He answers all questions, is expedient and confident. I have recommened him to friends and will continue to do so.

RatingsEvelyn H | Sep 02, 2021

Prompt, courteous service from the staff. Dr. Melvin spent an appropriate amount of time with me and clearly explained the problem and recommended course of treatment.

RatingsMatt G | Aug 03, 2021

Unbelievable! I was told by another orthopedic surgeon that I would need a total hip replacement based on the XRAY findings. Dr. Melvin looked a the XRAY and said "you are not a candidate for a total hip replacement. He gave me a shot of cortisone and in minutes I was pain free. I can return as necessary or not all. This was a miracle!

RatingsSatisfied in Rockville! | Jul 31, 2021

Once again, had a terrific consult with Dr. Melvin! He answered all my questions fully and made me feel at ease with my medical situation. Would recommend him to anyone. Great doctor!

RatingsAnne H | July 17, 2021

CompassionTe and informative and skilled.

RatingsAlyne E | July 17, 2021

Dr Melvin was excellent. This visit was for a pretty straight forwrard injury. X rays were taken quickly and he came in the exam room right after x rays. No waiting. He was thoughtful and fully appropriate.

RatingsKevin B | July 03, 2021

As soon as I walked in the door, Kind, Caring, Dedicated, Gentle, They all showed they cared. After my Left Hip Replacement Surgery, I could tell that I felt Brand New, some ups and downs, but Pain on my Left Hip Area was Gone Completely, Thank you Dr J Stuart Melvin and Staff.

RatingsKathy W | June, 2021

I have been to at least 6 orthopedics over the last 5 years for a knee replacement and was very disappointed with the manner and lack of time and attention on my initial visits-I passed on all of them. Most of them earned their well deserved reputations that orthopods have a very poor " bedside manner! Thank goodness for Dr. Melvern who today impressed me on all fronts with his warm manner, relaxed but informative style and the efficiency of his staff and office ! Im totally confident that he will do an excellent job for me!!!!!

RatingsPaula J | June 15, 2021

Very happy with the care and results of my recent hip replacement. Before I would have thought possible, I am up and functioning. Exercises from the home care team are well underway and producing further good results. Hooray for Dr. Melvin and team!

RatingsJudy H | June 06, 2021

Dr. Melvin is the best. He operated successfully on my knee and has monitored and advised me on issues with both of my knees. He is a skillful communicator and a genuinely kind person in addition to being a first-rate surgeon.

RatingsBarbara T | May 25, 2021

He liked my socks!

RatingsJim S | May 11, 2021

Waited over an hour to see him but was impressed with him when I did have my appointment.

RatingsStephanie S | May 11, 2021

terrific experience. Doctor explained options and risks clearly

RatingsBruce T | April 27, 2021

As soon as I walked in the door, Kind, Caring, Dedicated, Gentle, They all showed they cared.

RatingsKathy W | April 26, 2021

Dr. Melvin is both a personable and skilled orthopedist. He too so much time addressing my arthritic knee which had repeated abuse in my retail career. Through his suggestion and guidance the periodic cortisone shots alleviate my pain so that I am able to continue walk distances again. I trust his knowledge and skill should I need any further treatment too. Great doctor and practice.

RatingsSerene F | April 26, 2021

Excellent care and very knowledgable- my appreciation to you and your excellent practice.
Charlotte Skillern

RatingsDee S | April 20, 2021

dr. Melvin is knowledgeable, responsive, has a lovely manner and I would definitely recommend him.

RatingsLynne G | April 10, 2021

Although I had made the appointment for a knee checkup, I had an arm wound that needed attention. Dr. Melvin discovered a foreign object in my arm that several other doctors had not found. Kudos to him for relieving my concerns about the infected arm and for his care, concern, and competency.

RatingsApril 10, 2021

Good explanation of new bursitis condition and helpful check up on knee replacements. Good experience all way round. I do hope cortisone shot works. If not, Dr Melvin was clear he had other things to try to ease my discomfort.

RatingsLouise L | March 31, 2021

Yes, I would. So far my experience with surgery and follow up with Dr. Melvin has been excellent.

RatingsLinda J M | March 23, 2021

Dr. Melvin is outstanding in his practice. He is excited and confident in the procedures he performs. Every interaction with him he is engaged, and never rushed. He is focused on listening and answering all questions thoroughly. When I was worried, he was compassionate. Dr. Melvin took the time to telephone me before the procedure to reassure me. He has a wonderful support staff and his assistant Mariam responds quickly to inquiries. Ten weeks after my total hip replacement I feel better than I have in years. Dr. Melvin has a patient-doctor standard that his hard to find.

RatingsS. Ritzert | March 22, 2021

I am a fan of WOSM. Dr. Melvin was the latest and I was equally impressed. Great group of really smart doctors.

RatingsJ J | March 16, 2021

Great experience being cared for by Dr. Melvin. He’s attentive, empathetic, and solid. Everything you’d look for in choosing an orthopedic surgeon. First rate.

RatingsJames H | March 16, 2021

Patient squats 255lbs at 6 months after Hip Replacement.

RatingsMarch 2021

How many folk can say, as husband and wife, that they had complete and successful hip surgeries within three months of one another? We can and Dr. Melvin did them —with elegant competence, superb care, a great staff, at a great hospital — Sibley Hospital in Washington, D.C. Look no further; you’ve…

RatingsTom and Mollie I | February 17, 2021

How many folk can say, as husband and wife, that they had complete and successful hip surgeries within three months of one another? We can and Dr. Melvin did them —with elegant competence, superb care, a great staff, at a great hospital — Sibley Hospital in Washington, D.C. Look no further; you’ve found him. Tom and Mollie Ingram Potomac, Maryland.

RatingsTom and Mollie | Feb 17, 2021

He is a very talented surgeon. My friends were shocked at my very successful recovery from bilateral knee surgery.

RatingsJeffrey M | Feb 09, 2021

My experience with Dr. Melvin exceeded all of my expectations and I highly recommend him to anyone needing hip surgery. While I had read about the "anterior approach" to hip surgery, I never anticipated the pace of my recovery, and how strong and happy I would be just 3 months post-op.

As I was contemplating next steps and timing prior to surgery, Dr. Melvin and his staff were patient, thorough and reassuring too. The evening prior to surgery as I was on my exercise bike, Dr. Melvin called to see if I had any additional questions or concerns.

Post-op, same first class experience, including another call from Dr. Melvin at home after surgery, and the timeliness of his staff’s responses to my emails during the first week or so during my recovery.

I would graciously take questions from anyone who may have questions, and my sincere appreciation to Dr. Melvin and his staff!!

RatingsJim R | February 2021

Dr Melvin was very professional and was determined to resolve my issues. I was very fortunate to have met him and I’m looking forward to my next appointment

Ratings February 2021

Dr. Melvin is a truly gifted surgeon and a top-flight human being. Can’t say enough about him and have referred other patients!

Ratings February 2021

Dr. Melvin replaced my left hip in October of 2020. He is a first-class surgeon and simply a very fine man.

Ratings February 2021

Personable and a good communicator with a friendly "bedside manner."

Ratings January 2021

Dr. Melvin is simply the best. From initial consultation through hip surgery and recovery, he has been extraordinary.

RatingsJanuary 2021

My whole experience with Dr.Melvin and staff was great !! Everyone was kind, attentive and very helpful. Dr. Melvin was there to answer all my questions

RatingsJohn M | January 23, 2021

Dr. Melvin is simply the best. From initial consultation through hip surgery and recovery, he has been extraordinary.

Ratings January 2021

I am 71 and today marks two weeks since my custom total knee replacement procedure performed by Dr. Melvin. I am so relieved at how well everything has gone. For a few days now I have no longer needed the walker or cane and now am able to drive. Pain and swelling have been minimal and easily managed with meds and the ice machine. Dr. Melvin and his medical team have provided all necessary information prior to and after surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Melvin.

RatingsEddie S | January 2021

Great job on hip replacement surgery. Doctor and his team explained the process from the start. The day of surgery was like clockwork at the outpatient facility. Hip feels like brand new and doing great.

RatingsPeter P | December 2020

Great job on hip replacement from start to finish! I am not sure I expected to walk out the door but that is exactly what I did after the surgery. Doctor Melvin and his team did a great job explaining the process from the very beginning. On the day of surgery, the whole thing was like clockwork at the outpatient facility. I arrived at 530 am and left the facility at 200 pm. The hip and my body are like new. GREAT JOB!

RatingsPeter P | December 30, 2020

Dr. Melvin is an outstanding surgeon who truly cares about the well being of his patients. The care I received by Dr. Melvin and his colleagues is nothing short of life saving. He diagnosed me within hours and performed necessary emergency surgery. I will never use any other Orthopedic surgeon except Dr. Melvin … He truly is the best and my family and I owe him and his partner Dr. Patel a debut of gratitude.

RatingsLisa C | December 23, 2020

Dr Melvin is a consummate professional. He explained my medical condition clearly and in a congenial manner and treated my ankle deftly and efficiently.??

RatingsDoreen M | December 19, 2020

Dr. Melvin is a great surgeon, and a wonderful human being. He is extremely warm and caring and pleasant—not all MDs are. I highly recommend Dr. Melvin.

Ratings December 2020

Dr. Melvin is an amazing physician. The way he cares for his patients is incredible. His wisdom and knowledge exceeded our expectations as well as his bedside manner. He is an amazing doctor. So grateful that I was referred to Dr. Melvin by another doctor.

Ratings December 2020

Dr. Melvin is an amazing physician. The way he cares for his patients is incredible. His wisdom and knowledge exceeded our expectations as well as his bedside manner. He is an amazing doctor. So grateful that I was referred to Dr. Melvin by another doctor.

Ratings December 2020

Dr Melvin is thorough and gives me confidence.

Ratings Julia O | December 10, 2020

Very informative and affable- I was reassured by his ability to communicate clearly the options and caveats as we explore knee surgery options. Left feeling very optimistic about what comes next.

Ratings Howard C | December 02, 2020

My total hip replacement was on October 21st. Ten days out, I feel great! Dr. Melvin is the best. Professional, competent, courteous, and kind. You can’t go wrong having him as your surgeon!

Ratings Seth M | October 31, 2020

Great experience with Dr. Melvin and Dr. Patel. Highly competent and caring individuals. I would recommend to anyone. The staff are the best I have worked with and after 6 surgeries I can say with confidence they are the best around. It is refreshing to work with doctors who still take the time to explain and answer all questions. I have never been rushed out or had to wait forever to get in. Well run offices

Ratings Didi C | October 23, 2020

Brilliant young Doctor, great person and communication skills, most knowledgeable and professional, inspires confidence….would go to no other knee surgeon!

Ratings Art S | October 12, 2020

Dr Melvin is the best!! He takes time to listen and consider alternative solutions… he is empathetic, brilliant, and creative-what more could one ask?

Ratings September 19, 2020

Three Months After Left Hip Replacement!

RatingsJune 24, 2020

Dr Melvin continues to be caring and attentive. He and mariam, his medical assistant, make me feel very comfortable.

RatingsRenee S | September 14, 2020

Excellent surgeon. Best hip surgeon experience from start to recovery.

RatingsAgnes T | September 5, 2020

Dr. Melvin’s detailed testing and analysis of my problem was outstanding. The surgery showed that his deduction of the nature of the problem was correct. The surgery went very well, and the first two weeks of the recovery has also gone well.

RatingsCarl F | August 25, 2020

Dr. Melvin is outstanding. I’ve had two hip revision/replacement surgeries with him, my left hip in 2018 and my right hip in 2019. He diagnosed exactly what was causing my extreme discomfort and explained to me both what he would need to do in surgery and what I would need to do post-surgery. In both cases (with both hips), with physical therapy my recovery was total and complete within a couple of months, even though I am a senior citizen. Dr. Melvin has a great bedside manner and very helpful, competent staff. I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone that may have any hip issues, whatsoever.

Ratings August 20, 2020

Dr Melvin continues to be caring and attentive. He and mariam, his medical assistant, make me feel very comfortable.

RatingsRenee S | August 15, 2020

Dr. Melvin is a great doctor. He did a fantastic job with knee replacement for me. He listens well and explains everything in a clear way. The staff around him are outstanding and super nice. From the assistants at the front desk, Moriam was one of them, to Lauren, the X-Ray person, to his medical assistant Mariam and to Ashley, they are all wonderful professionals that are pleasant, helpful and quick to respond to questions in person, over the phone or through email. I highly recommend Dr. Melvin and Washington Orthopaedics Sports Medicine.

RatingsJim W | August 12, 2020

Dr. Melvin quickly was able to diagnose my hip issues without a non-surgical intervention. The office staff are pleasant, and all safety precautions are taken to prevent Covid-19. Highly recommended.

RatingsAudrey S | August 07, 2020

Dr.Melvin treats the problem and does not jump into suggesting immediate surgery without exploring all other options. He has a good bedside manner and it is easy to talk to him. His staff too are approachable. Overall, a good experience and a doctor I would recommend.

RatingsAl | July 31, 2020

Dr. Melvin is a proficient, highly skilled, caring, and well mannered physician. He is very attentive to his patients. I highly recommend Dr. Melvin to everyone who is experiencing knee or hip problems.

RatingsHazel L | July 06, 2020

Every one is helpful, friendly and courteous. All staff and doctor were wearing masks during this time of Covid-19. And Dr. Melvin has been very helpful in surgery for my husband and an injury I had.

RatingsLaurie F | July 04, 2020

Two knee replacements done expertly. I could not have hoped for a better experience.

RatingsJuly 3, 2020

Fully professional, super-informative and attentive. Responsive to all questions and came away feeling I was in extremely competent hands. I will be moving forward with my hip replacement with Dr. Melvin.

RatingsJune 23, 2020

I experienced a rapid decline in my hip function over a period of months – to the point where I could not walk without significant pain. Dr. Melvin performed replacement surgery about 10 days ago. I was up and around and working (and walking) a couple of hours later. The prior pain is gone, all went like clockwork. Very organized and efficient practice and everyone involved gave me confidence and responded to my questions immediately. Terrific experience. My pre surgical visit was extremely helpful and very reassuring . Dr. Melvin is knowledgeable, insightful and had answers to all my questions. He clearly has a depth of experience and the process leading up to the surgery shows extreme preparation and preparedness. All in all excellent.

RatingsJune 23, 2020

Excellent patient advocate. Caring and responsive to his patients.
Excellent support staff as well.

RatingsMay 15, 2020

I am recovering from a partial knee replacement performed by Dr. Melvin. I am very pleased with the result and am well on the way to full recovery. Dr. Melvin takes a conservative approach and tries other options prior to suggesting surgery. He discusses all the surgery details & his staff provide an abundance of information regarding the pre & post op procedures.

RatingsMarch 26, 2020

As an orthopedic surgeon myself I looked at Dr Melvin through a dual lens; one as a fellow surgeon and the other as a patient. Dr Melvin’s professional knowledge and surgical skill is unsurpassed. As a patient, I was comforted by his attention to details, his timeliness and his comprehensive patient care. My surgery was two weeks ago today and this afternoon I took a walk barely using my cane and pain free. Additionally he is surrounded by an efficient and dedicated staff. I highly recommend Dr. Melvin.

Ratings RAFIK D. M | March 20, 2020

Doctor Melvin was very Patient, Professional, Courteous, Polite and honest up to the Point. His Staff is on Point, Especially his assist Mariam. While I’m still in recovery mode from my Knee surgery. I truly believe Dr Melvin did an outstanding Job. I would recommend him to other Patients. Just know a total Knee replacement is a lot of work from you and your physical therapist. Normal life activities in about 4 months. Total recovery is from 6 to 12 Months. Be Patient.

Ratings March 20, 2020

Wonderful. I’d give him and his staff 5 stars any day.

Ratings Joseph M | March 18, 2020

Dr. Melvin is an outstanding doctor and surgeon. Facing problems with my hip, he did not jump right into surgery as the first option. He fully treated me and explored all options until it became clear that surgery was necessary. Recently had full hip replacement which Dr. Melvin expertly performed. Aftercare has been excellent in following up with any concerns. Back to running and building up strength in a little over 4 months. Dr. Melvin’s bedside manner is the best, very caring and taking all the time necessary to answer all questions and explain every detail. His nurses are exceptionally responsive to a patients questions and needs. The entire staff at Washington Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine are superb. Scheduling folks, technicians, and all staff are very professional and make one feel safe and cared for.

Ratings Brec C | March 11, 2020

As a long time health care professional with extremely high standards Dr. Melvin and his team met all of them. From the minute I walked in to the K Street Office , visited Sibley Hospital and competed my left knee replacement I met only professional, caring people. A special shout out to Mariam, Dr. Melvin"s assistant, the ladies at the front desk K Street, the orthopedic nurse who taught the joint replacement class and the anesthesiologis Dr. Bazini. The highest kudos go to George the nurse on the orthopedic floor and the unknown person in the OR that encouraged me through the spinal while letting me lean on his chest. These are all great people that I felt fortunate to have met and to have taken care of me.
Thank you to the marvelous Doctor Melvin and his team.

Ratings Judith A | March 10, 2020

Dr Melvin is very kind, and very conservative, he tries all options before surgery.

Ratings | February 22, 2020

Replaced hip. Post op period had minimal pain. Day seven zero pain. Walking with walker immediately and switched to cane after six days. No complications. Doctor has engaging, professional manner that puts patient at ease. Listens well and has answers. Would highly recommend him without reservations.

Ratings | February 15, 2020

Takes his time. Explains clearly.

Ratings Alibi F | January 23, 2020

An excellent physician with a superb assistant. He is skilled, empathetic and he explains what is happening and what he thinks the best course of action would be.

Ratings Stephen B | January 22, 2020

Great surgeon! Very kind and thoughtful. We really appreciate his expertise!

Ratings Ingrid F | January 11, 2020

Dr. Melvin is an excellent surgeon. He repaired my splintered femur so that I can walk again. He is kind and easy to communicate with. He will give you all the time you need for your questions. Also, he has the most efficient staff I ever encountered, not only in the office but also his PAs whom one meets in the hospital and in rehab. I am thankful for his help in my healing.

Ratings Gerda H | January 09, 2020

Great doc. Happy to answer questions so you don’t feel rushed.

Ratings Al N | December 18, 2019

This wasn’t just a "visit." This was assessment and discussion of the need for surgery, preparation by and support from a full team of professionals, a call from Dr. Melvin the night before, a visit the next day, and a follow-up appointment for additional discussion and a look into the future. I credit my surgeon with skill that resulted in minimal pain and my ability to "graduate" to a cane just 12 days later. The likelihood of recommending Dr. Melvin is very high!

Ratings Joy N | December 04, 2019

Dr. Melvin is kind, compassionate, an excellent listener & very calm & talented surgeon. He makes complicated things sound easy and does a tremendous job explaining options. And he usually provides options which is comforting. He's A+ in every way! He did a partial knee replacement for me & two months later I tore my quadriceps tendon over the same knee in Florida; Dr. Melvin provided comfort right away, monitored my surgery from distant Florida and figuratively held my hand thru this terrifying time.

Ratings Phyllis A | December 08, 2019

Dr Melvin preformed replacement knee surgery November 4.2018. My age was 81. He recommend the "custom" replacement joint which he is trained to install. Procedure was a complete success and the care at Sibley Hospital was outstanding. I believe that following his pre op plan and the pre op plan from Sibley is very important and helps the surgery and recovery. I cannot say enough for Dr Melvin’s manner, knowledge and skill. The operation was after two other appointments when the orinigal diagnosis was made. The first remedy an injection, lasted about 1 year. Pain then returned and he tried another injection which lasted only a short time. He said at the time that I will tell him when I’m ready for surgery. Following his advice the pain persisted and I called to have another visit to schedule the operation. It takes around 6 weeks or so to receive the new joint after taking a CT that measured my leg from the hip down. My experience with the surgery was virtually painless using Ultrum for 5 days then to Tylenol as needed. That is minimal analgesic use. Follow Dr Melvin’ plan, do the recommended therapy and you may have the same success that I experienced. Rehabilitation was at Sibley and I highly recommmed which was also successful. My recovery time was very rapid and after 6 months I had to remind myself that I had the surgery and to be careful not to abuse. After 1 year now 12/7/19 I have to remind myself that I ever had surgery. I can take my 2.5 mile walk on the beach effortlessly and climb stairs with balance whereas last year I could not walk 1 block without severe pain.WOSM staff and Dr Melvin earn 5 Stars. I do not believe that you can find a better surgeon.

Ratings Steven S | December 08, 2019

The surgeons and staff at WOSM are professionals in whom I have absolute confidence. Particular thanks to Dr. Grossman for his continuing guidance and care and to Dr. Melvin for having performed my recent hip replacement.

Ratings Joy N | December 04, 2019

Dr. Melvin is smart, compassionate and skilled. Can’t recommend him highly enough. The practice is very communicative and responsive.

Ratings Loren A | December 04, 2019

Dr. Melvin and his staff are amazing. Very accessible, straightforward, and extraordinary competence in his work. I had anterior hip surgery and it is huge success and I am only 4 weeks out. I would highly recommend Dr. Melvin.

Ratings Risa F | November 27, 2019

Dr Melvin is very caring and attentive. He listened To and answered all my questions and reassured me on what steps i need to take before my knee replacement. I’ll ultimately need both replaced. I’ll post updated reviews as the process continues. In the meantime i feel confident in his abilities and feel reassured by his ability to put me at ease.

Ratings Frank N | November 06, 2019

I couldn’t be more satisfied with Dr. Melvin’s services. My operation was well prepared. An extraordinary level of pre-surgery support was provided by Dr. Melvin’s team, by the Washington Orthopedics and Sports Medicine group, and by the Sibley Hospital staff where the operation was performed. This enabled me to understand and do everything I was expected to do. Post-surgery support has also been extraordinary. All aspects of the operation, including particularly the staff involved at every step of the way, were well coordinated with each other and with the associated insurance providers. At every step of the way, if I had any concerns, there were people who were available to help me through the process. I cannot say there was anything overlooked. Having an understanding of the steps I needed to take before, during and after surgery minimized the stress and anxiety that an operation inevitably involves, so that I could be comfortable and have confidence in the medical services I needed to receive. If the need arises, I would go back to Dr. Melvin in a heartbeat for any of the medical services he provides.

Ratings Allan I | November 06, 2019

Excellent experience from diagnosis thru surgery. Very straightforward approach, with detailed explanation on knee replacement process, recovery expectations and technology in layman’s terms. Would highly recommend.

Ratings Ken M | November 06, 2019

Outstanding doctor! He was extremely thorough and detailed in explaining my medical condition. He completely addressed all of my concerns, from both a medical and health insurance viewpoint. I felt completely satisfied with everything he presented to me. Based on this one office visit, I have elected to go forth with him performing a full hip replacement.

Ratings Ann B | October 29, 2019

Dr. Melvin is an outstanding orthopaedic surgeon…he is friendly, professional, and inspires confidence… He is a skilled physician that immediately builds trust in his professional judgement. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of an orthopaedic surgeon… In my opinion he is the best.

Ratings Larry A | October 26, 2019

I have seen Dr. Melvin several times since he joined WOSM. He’s always listened carefully to my questions and concerns. I’m an 84 y.o. female and am trying to postpone/avoid knee replacement.

Ratings October 16, 2019

Great visit. Understand and agree recommendations and feel that my problem was addressed and solved.

Ratings Anna L | October 12, 2019

Dr. Melvin is a competent doctor and has excellent bedside manner. He suggested a few x-rays be taken to identify what might be causing me discomfort. Three x-rays were taken ( knee, hip and back) and he recommended two MRI’s for further explanation. Dr. Melvin was attentive and expressed genuine concern. I really appreciate his thoroughness and would highly recommend him and Washington Orthopedics in Chevy Chase.

Ratings Hazel B | October 1, 2019

Quick, knowledgeable and very attentive!

Ratings Sandra M | October 10, 2019

Very professional and personable. Inspires trust and confidence. Sympathetic, really listens. Good sense of humor. Clearly a master in his field.

Ratings Amy Y | October 10, 2019

Excellent doctor, knowledgeable, caring, super nice!

Ratings JOAN S | October 09, 2019

Dr. Melvin, his staff and his associates at Sibley hospital all are excellent. He combines state of the art expertise and skill with a caring and respectful demeanor. I’m one month out of total hip replacement (66 yo woman) and the whole process has gone smoothly and comfortably and was rewarding beyond my expectations. Dr. Melvin, assistant Mariam and PA Ashley Perkins were all quickly responsive to all of my questions, concerns, emails, scheduling changes and more (and I had many). The level of professionalism was very high. In addition to successfully replacing my completely messed up hip, Dr. Melvin evened out a 17-year-old leg length discrepancy. I was walking evenly and comfortably on the day of surgery and am now back to walking 2 miles or more at a time, sitting cross legged on the floor and going on outings without obsessing about my hip. Highly highly recommend. I did a lot of research before choosing him and this practice and am glad that I did.

Ratings October 04, 2019

Dr. Melvin is kind, compassionate, an excellent listener & very calm & talented surgeon. He makes complicated things sound easy and does a tremendous job explaining options. And he usually provides options which is comforting. He's A+ in every way! He did a partial knee replacement for me & two months later I tore my quadriceps tendon over the same knee in Florida; Dr. Melvin provided comfort right away, monitored my surgery from distant Florida and figuratively held my hand thru this terrifying time.

Ratings Phyllis A | September 25, 2019

Dr. Melvin performed a full hip replacement for me in May 2019. From my first visit forward, I knew I had made the right choice to have Dr. Melvin perform the procedure. He explained everything clearly and listened to all of my concerns and addressed them in a respectful manner. Most importantly, four months later, I feel great and have returned to an active life-style. I am so happy with the results that I am planning to have the other other hip replaced next year.

Ratings September | 16, 2019

Dr. Melvin was outstanding in every conceivable way—Medically and surgically and "bedside manner".

Ratings Jud S | September 09, 2019

Sharp, warm, efficient, and on-target! Think very highly of his work!

Ratings Elaine S | September 19, 2019

He always listens carefully and is thorough in discussing my problems.

Ratings James F | September 13, 2019

I was referred to Dr Melvin to troubleshoot pain that I was having. He did a thorough exam, listened to everything I had to say and then came up with decisive way to determine what was causing the pain.

Ratings Janet R | September 11, 2019

Dr. Melvin really listened and was helpful in answering my questions.

Ratings Joan K | September 07, 2019

My experience with hip replacement by the anterior approach by Dr. Melvin has been positive in every way. His office is run efficiently. Communication with Dr. Melvin and his team is excellent. The surgery and recovery at Sibley went smoothly. The daily instructions on the customized Pulse app aided recovery at home. Now I am scheduled to have my other hip replaced since my first experience was excellent. I am a grateful and hopeful retired pediatrician, looking forward to getting back to full, comfortable activity soon.

Today I am three months post-op from the second hip replacement, and I am enjoying being pain-free with full function of both hips. I recommend Dr. Melvin and his team highly with no reservations. He is a great surgeon who communicates well. I am grateful for fantastic results after a good process of surgery and recovery.

Ratings Susan D | September 03, 2019

Great experience overall. Know what they are doing. Several very successful replacements. Good bedside manor. Seem to care about me.

Ratings Sarah D | August 30, 2019

Dr. Melvin did a total right hip replacement just over two weeks ago. Bottom line is I am walking freely, without pain and I am no longer on pain medication. The surgery went smoothly and without problem. The pre and post surgical care was excellent. At no time was I uncomfortable. Dr. Melvin was caring and responsive to my needs and questions. I recommend him highly without reservation.

Ratings Andrew | August 20, 2019

Dr. Melvin was my second opinion Dr. and the only one to explain that for a total knee replacement he uses customizes knees; the reasons why are evident but primarily due to a quicker and less complicated recovery than when a Dr. uses off-the shelf. Not only was I impressed by his expertise in knee surgeries but his explanations were thoughtful and detailed. I like my former orthopedist, Dr. Melvin did not rush through out first )or any subsequent session such as the post-op). He is a considerate and highly experienced surgeon who performed an excellent operation on my knee. I will be visiting him in the future for my left knee. I highly recommend this Dr.

Ratings Kathryn H. | August 08, 2019

I had a right total hip replacement, anterior approach, by Dr Melvin on 7/5/19, and I have to say that I couldn’t be more pleased with the results, the practice as a while, and especially Dr Melvin. He never makes you feel rushed, takes time to answer your concerns and questions in detail, and is a world-class surgeon, and his results show that. He even took the time to call me himself on multiple occasions to answer questions that I had emailed to his assistant, Mariam. That’s a rarity these days. And, Mariam, she’s a rockstar. Always responds in a timely manner, and you never, ever have to ask her something twice. The practice as a whole seems to run like a finely tuned machine. They exemplify what I think we all hope for our experiences to be like with doctors.

Ratings Brian H | July 24, 2019

Skilled surgeon with an excellent and caring support staff.

Ratings Allan S | July 24, 2019

Dr Melvin gets very highest recommendation! Excellent experience from diagnosis to joint replacement surgery to follow up care! He is the very best in Washington for hips.

Ratings Marcia R | July 23, 2019

Dr. Melvin did my hip replacement surgery 3 weeks ago. He did a marvelous job. My recovery has been just incredible. I would highly recommend Dr. Melvin for his skill, compassion, and overall professionalism.

Ratings Shanda | July 16, 2019

Dr. Melvin was very personable and had a solid treatment plan for my pain. Office ran very smoothly and the wait time was minimal.

Ratings Rick F | July 10, 2019

I was very impressed with Dr. Melvin. We had seen 2 orthopedic surgeons before him and knew he was quality. He is smart, attentitive and explained the entire surgery to us. He showed us a model of the hip to be replaced and helped me understand my X-ray answering all of my questions.. Finally he let me know that there was a Pulse App on my phone which would help me monitor and assist my progress while being in communication with him. From the start I had confidence that I was in good hands with Dr. Melvin.

Ratings Jack H | July 05, 2019

Top-notch practitioner in every respect. He conveyed assurance and confidence from the start, the procedure—although difficult—was a resounding success. Recovery is ahead of schedule.

Ratings Wyatt | July 04, 2019

Dr Melvin did a partial knee replacement and it’s been a huge improvement in my quality of life. He’s a great surgeon and made me very confident about my recovery.

Ratings Pat July | 03, 2019

Dr. Melvin did my hip replacement surgery 3 weeks ago. He did a marvelous job. My recovery has been just incredible. I would highly recommend Dr. Melvin for his skill, compassion, and overall professionalism.

Ratings Janice R | June 22, 2019

Dr. Melvin performed a total hip on my wife in December 2018. It was not a normal operation as she had fractured her pelvis and hip socket 10 months prior. The hip replacement was a more complicated task which took a little longer. The results were outstanding. We thank Dr. Melvin for his expertise, his compassion, his true concern for her welfare and most importantly his kindness. BTW Dr. Melvin performed a total knee on Judi 5 years prior with outstanding results. So good that we traveled 7 hours each way to see him. Thank you Dr. Melvin.

Ratings Britt | June 5, 2019

Dr Melvin was assured, professional, clear. Listened well and was decisive.

Ratings K and B Whitaker | June 5, 2019

Dr. Melvin is terrific. He keeps me playing sports and that critical to me.

Ratings D W | June 3, 2019

Office was efficient. Aides brisk and capable. Dr. Melvin recalled our last visit, last year. He’s friendly, listens well and works fast but not rushed. Very capable. Diagnosed with assurance and administered treatment smoothly. A real pleasure. Highly recommend.

Ratings B M | May 15, 2019

Dr. Melvin is a very thorough, informative, excellent doctor. He has a warm, friendly manner and always has time to answer questions.

Ratings M M | May 15, 2019

Excellent doc. Kind, good listener, recommend highly. Can tell he loves his work and genuinely cares about his patients.

Ratings L T | May 15, 2019

My experience with Dr. Melvin was remarkably favorable. I took a fall over the Holidays requiring complicated patella surgery. He worked to facilitate early surgery despite Holiday slowdowns. He was always responsive and a good listener—enough information to answer my questions, but not so much as to be overwhelming. He coordinated well with PT during my recovery to keep me on a steady path, did battle where necessary with insurance company, and supported my recovery. I would recommend him without reservation.

Ratings May 8, 2019

I am very young to have had a hip replacement and Dr. Melvin made me feel entirely comfortable and ensured that all important aspects of my life would still be attainable. While I hope people don’t have to have a hip replacement like myself, if the situation arises, Dr. Melvin is the only doctor I would recommend. Thank you for everything!

Ratings April 26, 2019

Dr Melvin and his staff provide excellent medical care for anyone in need of a hip or knee joint replacement. He and his staff were comforting and reassuring during my recent hip joint replacement surgery. They are available to answer all questions before during and after surgery and demonstrate a sincere desire for an effective pain free outcome that extends the quality of life as your original joints erode. I had very successful surgery and am seeing immediate and swift results.

Ratings April 26, 2019

I am four weeks post-op from total hip replacement. Thanks to Dr. Melvin and his team I am doing excellent! Dr. Melvin provides a standard of care that I have never experienced. Dr. Melvin is excellent in his field and his credentials are impeccable. I was optimistic and had a whole new attitude about my hip situation after my first office visit. He left no stone un-turned checking out everything before recommending hip replacement.

I echo all of the other fabulous reviews about Dr. Melvin including his great skill, professionalism, accessibility and genuine care for his patients. I would add that Dr. Melvin is not just a doctor who shepherds patients in and out. He is passionate about his profession and strives for excellence. This is evidenced by his scholarly works and presentations. Like Dr. Melvin’s care, I have never experienced the level of care like his office and medical staff provide. His personal assistant is awesome, always accessible and responds to my inquiries in record time. Accolades to the Surgery Center in Bethesda. They took care of me like a baby. From start to finish they put me at ease.

For me, the thought of surgery was very scary. However, the element of trust in Dr. Melvin allowed me to overcome my fear and get this surgery behind me. Overall, I highly recommend Dr. Melvin to anyone and everyone. You will look at your other doctors through a different lens after you experience this level of care.

Ratings - MR | April 10, 2019

My experience with hip replacement by the anterior approach by Dr. Melvin has been positive in every way. His office is run efficiently. Communication with Dr. Melvin and his team is excellent. The surgery and recovery at Sibley went smoothly. The daily instructions on the customized Pulse app aided recovery at home. Now I am scheduled to have my other hip replaced since my first experience was excellent. I am a grateful and hopeful retired pediatrician, looking forward to getting back to full, comfortable activity soon.

Ratings - SD | April 09, 2019

He listens closely and thinks creatively as a diagnostician. He explains his thinking clearly and runs through options.

Ratings - MZ | April 03, 2019

Dr. Melvin is a kind, direct, and personable doctor who truly communicates with a patient through the ups and downs of hip surgery. He responds fast to urgent and not so urgent matters via text and phone, does a great job pre and post op as well as most importantly in the OR. For me, as an anxious patient, he is literally perfect. Thank you.

Ratings - AE | March 28, 2019

Dr. Melvin is absolutely amazing! He’s professional and very easy to talk to. I was struggling with arthritis in my right knee, which made it very swollen and painful for me to walk. Dr. Melvin had recommended surgery, and he assured me that I would feel better after the procedure. I’m 77 and when I saw how well I was doing the day after surgery, I was astonished. It’s been three weeks since, so I’m still recovering and doing really well with minimal discomfort. I’m very grateful for Dr. Melvin!

Ratings - March 23, 2019

From start to finish, I had an amazing experience with Dr. Melvin, his staff and Sibley Memorial Hospital. Dr. Melvin showed me the Pulse app, which gave me daily instructions before the operation as well as immediate access to him through text or phone post-surgery. He answered every text within minutes. After the double-hip replacement surgery, I walked the first day, used a walker for two days, a cane for one and was assistance-free by my fourth day post-op. Just an amazing experience.

Ratings - March 20, 2019

The best Orthopedic practice ever!! If you are looking for a great Dr., great bedside manners, and knowledgeable; then look no further. Getting a hip replacement was super scary for me and can be for a lot of people. But, from start to finish Dr. Melvin and his staff took great care of me and my husband.

Thank you for taking care of me and answering all my questions and concerns.

Ratings - SI | March 10, 2019

Dr. Melvin performed my bilateral hip surgery and I could not have had a more pleasant experience. Upon my first visit to discuss the surgery and the idea of doing both hips at one time, he was so pleasant and easy to talk to. It was important to me that he understand my entire health history as I have issues with auto immune diseases and he was happy to go over it all and discuss any concerns or offer insight to help me decide on how to proceed. I highly recommend Dr. Melvin.

Ratings - NP | March 07, 2019

Very professional staff and physician.

Ratings - RP | February 17, 2019

Dr. Melvin and his team gave me an excellent experience through the entire process of my total knee replacement. They were attentive to every detail, before and after, responsive to my questions, and thorough in every respect. Dr. Melvin even added the personal touch of calling me the night before surgery. "We’re ready for you," he said, "See you tomorrow." I am grateful to have been in such capable hands for this life-changing event.

Ratings - AD | February 14, 2019

Dr. Melvin is courteous, caring and GOOD.

Ratings - MD | February 13, 2019

Efficient, knowledgeable and sympathetic.

Ratings - BB | February 13, 2019

Absolutely great. Diagnosed my problem. Mind to tell you three doctors previously couldn’t figure it out.

Ratings - FR | February 12, 2019

Dr. Melvin is wise beyond his years. He took care of me when I fractured my femur then carefully monitored my recovery and determined that I would benefit from a hip replacement despite my young age (45). I was pain free 3 weeks after the replacement and ran 4 miles 6 weeks after the replacement and my hips felt better than they had in decades. Dr. Melvin is kind and a good listener. His expertise in customizing treatments for each unique patient’s situation was clear in my treatment protocol.

Ratings - EM | February 09, 2019

Dr. Melvin and his staff are amazing. Very accessible, straightforward, and extraordinary competence in his work. I had anterior hip surgery and it is huge success and I am only 4 weeks out. I would highly recommend Dr. Melvin.

Ratings - RF | January 30, 2019

Dr. Melvin replaced my right hip two weeks ago. Everything went extremely smoothly. Kudos to Dr. Melvin and his office staff and the staff at Sibley. Post surgery care was also excellent.

Ratings - Whit | January 10, 2019

Dr. Melvin really listened and was helpful in answering my questions.

Ratings - JK | January 10, 2019

Top-rate treatment by a top-rate doctor and his staff. Two-weeks post hip-replacement surgery and I am walking without pain and minimum restrictions. Dr. Melvin is the consummate professional who demonstrates concern for his patients' physical and emotional well being. He is very personable, patient, and responsive, which goes a long way to allaying the inevitable anxieties that accompany the prospect of going under the knife. The staff and facility of the Bethesda Chevy Chase Surgical Center, where my outpatient operation was performed, were superb. Dr. Melvin's employment of cutting-edge services (such as the app that guides the patient throughout the pre-and post-op period) reflects a genuine interest in providing optimal health care. His ongoing interest in research and publishing in his area of expertise provide additional reassurance that this medical provider stays on the top of his game. Highly recommended.

Ratings - WG | January 3, 2019

Dr. Melvin very patiently answered every question and clearly described what he would do now and in the future.

Ratings - PN | January 3, 2019

Dr. Melvin has performed 2 surgeries on my wife. 1st surgery was a total knee 4 plus years ago in NC with a great outcome. In January 2018 my wife fell pushing the femur against the hip socket and pelvis (5 plates, 18 screws). Repair was in NC at a trauma one hospital (Dr. Hsu). 10 months later we drove to Sibley from NC to have Dr. Melvin perform a very complicated TOTAL HIP to relieve the terrible bone on bone pain. Dr. Melvin is a very unique physician-caring and competent! The BEST.

Ratings - December 30, 2018

Dr. Melvin has preformed two surgeries on my wife over the past 5 years. 1. Total knee replacement in Concord, NC 5 years ago. 2. A complicated total hip 2 days ago. We are going home today. So "why" Dr. Melvin? His success rate is very good because he is excellent in his field. The other part of the experience is that he has a big heart which means he cares about you and it’s obvious! We drove 6.5 hours to see him and have the surgery. Would not drive as far unless we thought he would be the best. BTW my wife and I are in our 70’s and this experience is not our first rodeo! Thank you Dr. Melvin.

Ratings - December 8, 2018

Dr Melvin is professional and very curtious. I never feel rushed. He is competent, confident and compassionate which is the trifecta I look for in a doctor.

Ratings - RA | December 8, 2018

Dr. Melvin is an incredible doctor and surgeon and I am very grateful to be his patient. Three weeks ago he replaced my left hip using the anterior approach and I am recovering well. Dr. Melvin and his team are first class in every respect—always available to answer questions (including through the Pulse app) and provide important guidance and information. Most important, Dr. Melvin is highly competent and skilled in the field. This is not an easy process but Dr. Melvin and his team made it as easy as possible and during each phase of this process I felt that I was getting the best medical care available. My surgery was performed on an out-patient basis at the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Surgery Center, which is a new and extremely nice facility with incredibly talented and kind doctors and nurses and support personnel. I highly recommend Dr. Melvin to other patients who are seeking joint replacement surgery.

Ratings - JL | December 7, 2018

Very professional staff and physician.

Ratings - RP | December 6, 2018

Dr. Melvin is top of the line. He is knowledgeable and compassionate and full of positive energy and possible solutions to your problem. A great practice and he is a good addition.

Ratings - KL | December 5, 2018

no wait, very direct and to the point

Ratings - FC | December 04, 2018

Dr. Melvin is a true God sent! His knowledge, bedside manners and expertise say’s it all!! He takes you step by step through the process which really put me at ease about having a hip replacement at a young age. So, not only is he there from the start, but through the recovery your able to talk to him about any/concerns you may have. He developed an appt that you can tell your recovery story, exercise and proper techniques to use, reach out to the staff and Dr. If you’re looking for top notch service and a great surgeon look no further!! Oh, Sibley is one of the best hospitals in the US, they know how to take care of their patients. I love the staff!! Look no further, I can’t stress it enough!!!!!

Ratings - SI | November 27, 2018

Very kind and professional. Good listener. Wish I had gotten to him sooner instead of going with a doc who took my insurance. If I have another problem with knees or hips would definitely go back. Thank you!

Ratings - LT | November 16, 2018

I feel in excellent hands with this doctor. He was personable, professional, and informative. He offered several options for my treatment, which made me feel an active participant in the decisions going forward.

Ratings - AD | November 07, 2018

For those considering knee replacement, I realize it can be a difficult decision, I know , I agonized for years, nursing two bad knees with osteo arthritis. My quality of life was not improving , no matter all the yoga, Gel-one shots, voltaren gel (for swelling), and exercise. Dr. Melvin and his teams care has been life altering. From beginning to end all options were explained in detail, he is extremely professional, caring and compassionate. I live over 3 hrs away and he was an out of network physician for me but I would have him operate on me again in an instant. I looked around for a surgeon for three years, I am so glad I found Dr Melvin and WOSM We are blessed to have such talent in our area.

Ratings - RM | November 07, 2018

Great doctor. Thorough and easy to connect with. Dealt with a complex situation and was great. Highly recommend.

Ratings - KM | November 01, 2018

Dr. Melvin is superb. He is thorough in his diagnosis taking into consideration mitigating factors and the patient’s needs. He is extremely knowledgeable and explains exactly what we need to know in a way we understood. He is personable, compassionate, patient, and very skilled. We had a great experience.

Ratings - MU | October 31, 2018

I was a triathlete when I began to experience leg pain in both legs that limited my fitness activities. An MRI revealed femur stress fractures in both legs. Dr Melvin inserted rods in both femurs attached by screws at the knees and hips, and did both legs at the same time. At three months, I am now back to my fitness activities, and could not be more satisfied with the outcome.

Ratings - Healthgrades Review | October 13, 2018

I am a 75 year old retired physician who knew I needed a new left hip so I could continue an active lifestyle. After studying my local options, I chose Dr Melvin. I was home after one night in the hospital and up and moving carefully for the first week taking only Tylenol and Celebrex for pain. After 2 weeks I was walking, doing lots of stairs, driving and on no pain medications. After 8 weeks, I climbed a mountain. I couldn’t be more pleased with the whole process and outcome.

Ratings - ML | October 03, 2018

Dr. Melvin replaced my left hip. He was very professional as was his entire staff! I was seen in a timely fashion! I am thrilled with the results! I would highly recommend Dr. Melvin!

Ratings - Carol S | October 01, 2018

Dr Melvin has been extremely helpful in diagnosing my hip problem. We have worked on a plan together for surgery that works with my schedule and lifestyle. I appreciate his time and attention to my needs.

Ratings - Kate F | October 05, 2018

You get what you pay for. Dr. Melvin is simply better. He made the right call up front, and my suffering ended. In the end, the difference in price was smaller than I thought, if I had I stayed in the plan with Aetna. Better Drs. are worth it, having saved me months of suffering waiting on the others team – even if they did agree that I needed the surgery. I simply can't recommend Dr. Melvin strongly enough.

Ratings - David F | September 29, 2018

Dr. Melvin was very professional My hip replacement surgery was performed in a timely fashion. Dr. Melvin kept me informed through the entire process.

Ratings - Carol S | September 26, 2018

Great doctor and does great work.

Ratings - Sandy B | September 25, 2018

Absolutely great. Diagnosed my problem. Mind to tell you three doctors previously couldn't figure it out.

Ratings - Fernando R | September 22, 2018

Very good information about how to care for my knee. Dr. Melvin was very thorough.

Ratings - Linda H | September 12, 2018

WOSM is a very fine practice and Dr. Melvin continues this tradition. He is constructive and enthusiastic, listens well and answers questions, and suggests solutions. He is a great addition to the practice.

Ratings - Karen L | September 12, 2018

Dr Melvin was absolutely fantastic! I had an unplanned hip replacement due to a fall. He was calm, professional and very kind. He listened to our concerns and responded so confidently and compassionately that I was totally comfortable with moving forward with surgery. After the surgery, he had an daily email with a place to ask questions, daily exercises and information about what to expect. This was a fantastic way to be in touch with Dr Melvin and to have perspective on how I was doing each day. I am doing so well only 2 1/2 months later because of the fantastic surgery Dr Melvin performed and am looking forward to playing golf this week!

Ratings - Susie M | August 22, 2018

I had a great experience with Dr. Melvin. He was thorough and explained in detail my many concerns. He was well worth the 3 hour round trip travel.

Ratings - Janice P | August 22, 2018

He and staff are kind and helpful. He ran late, which really interfered with my schedule, so don’t schefule your time with him with tight limits. But he went to trouble to apologize and wait was worth it.

Ratings - Patricia S | August 21, 2018

Dr. Melvin diagnosis impressed me as nuanced. His explanations of procedures and risks were clear and helpful. I recommend him.

Ratings - Robert O | August 16, 2018

Kind, understanding, reassuring – very much on time.

Ratings - Paul W | August 6, 2018

Competent, great communicator and lovely personality.

Ratings - Diane M | August 3, 2018

Dr. Melvin and his staff are very professional and he is an expert in hip replacement. I just had my hip replaced on July 18, 2018 and 2 weeks later I am driving and walking. Surgery went exactly as he said it would and at this point I couldn’t be more pleased. Highly recommend Dr Melvin!

Ratings - Sean M | August 2, 2018

My experience at WOSM could not have been better. The entire process --which was eased by the helpfulness of the WOSM staff -- consumed less than one-half an hour, including an x-ray and a thorough consultation with Dr. Melvin.

Ratings - Richard H | July 14, 2018

Dr Melvin performed right hip surgery recently. He explained the pre-op, surgery, and post-op process including answering all my questions and concerns. Dr Melvin was referred to me by another surgeon. I am pleased with how the operation turned out. He checked on me while I was in recovery and while in the hospital for a few days. My gait is stable and balanced, no issues regarding right leg being shorter than left leg. I will recommended Dr Melvin to all my family, friends, and sssociates.

Ratings - John A. D Jr in Columbia, MD | June 29, 2018

LAST FALL WAS QUITE EVENTFUL for John Boyd, 73, of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. In August, he finally received long-awaited surgery to replace both hips—during one single operation at Sibley. In September, while he was completing rehabilitation at the hospital, two Category 5 hurricanes just weeks apart pummeled St. Croix and his home.

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Ratings - John B | June 22, 2018

Wonderful, just wonderful. Cannot say enough good things about him and his staff.

Ratings - Philip R. H | June 22, 2018

Dr Melvin and staff are absolutely wonderful. From start to finish I received top notch care. I would highly recommend his practice to anyone in need of a replacement! He truly gave me my life back!!!

Ratings - Brandon W | May 23, 2018

Dr. Stuart Melvin is absolutely the best, as far as I’m concerned! He corrected a previous hip operation by another doctor which had gone bad. I had been in significant pain and disabled for the last year and a half. His bedside manner is extremely caring and warm. My children travelled to Washington to meet him.

They were apprehensive as they did not want me to have another operation. They met Dr. Melvin and he answered all their questions and put them totally at ease. In addition, he called me the night before my surgery to ask if I had any concerns and whether he could answer any questions. One week after Dr. Melvin surgery and I’m feeling like a new person; walking normally and without pain!! I like Dr. Melvin gave me back my life. I recommend him without reservation!

Ratings - Anne | May 22, 2018

Dr. Melvin is an outstanding surgeon that cares about you as a person and not just another patient. He took the time to answer all my questions and concerns. He told me I was a suitable candidate for a bilateral hip replacement and explained the process thoroughly. I was walking the day after surgery and after the first week I no longer needed to take any pain medication. All the pain and limitation I had before surgery is gone. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

Ratings - Barb in laytonsville, MD | May 18, 2018

Very impressive. Skillful, kind disposition, wonderful surgeon. Highly recommend !!!

Ratings - Kathleen O | March 06, 2018

Absolutely the best, Dr. Melvin is a very caring, competent, skilled surgeon. Friends were trying to rush me into hip surgery but I took my time until I was certain that I had found the right physician. I am glad I did. The improvement came to me within a few weeks after surgery and the most amazing part was not pain reduction, my agility improved so much I thought my body clock had been reset by about 30 more very good years to come.

Ratings - Poppajohn in Christiansted, VI | February 09, 2018

Extremely pleased with the outcome and the entire process. Everything went according to plan and pain was well managed.

Ratings - Drew C

Dr. Melvin was very thorough; he explained the entire procedure, answered all my questions, offered options and made me feel very confident about choosing to have a hip replacement.

The entire process, procedure went very, very well. I had minimal pain and never needed any narcotics after surgery. It all went like clockwork. I couldn't be more pleased.

Dr. Melvin is wonderful, I highly recommend him.

Ratings - MaryAnn M

Dr. Melvin is young, friendly, attractive and very up to date on the newest knee replacement. He led me through the process and I felt secure in all aspects of the operation. I had Bi-Lateral knee surgery and was concerned about the pain and any complications. The surgery was picture perfect and the recovery extremely quick. I am very happy with the outcome.

Ratings - Donald D

My up-to-the minute-style anterior hip replacement went beautifully: pain gone in 4-5 days, incision healed rapidly, walked and drove soon. Dr. Melvin will tell you anything you want to know about the process, and about the latest in other medical areas. And Sibley Hospital is a great place to recuperate. When my knee needs work, I’ll be right back in his office.

Ratings - Linda in Washington | January 01, 2018

Five weeks ago, Dr. Melvin performed a hip replacement for me. I knew within two days that I was better off than in my previous, severely arthritic state; in barely a week I was pain-free and my incision almost healed. Even using the latest anterior approach, this success in recovery is almost miraculous. Other physicians attribute such results to the fact that he works fast.

Add to that, Dr. M is warm and friendly. He provides as much information as one wants about the physiology of the process. He solves problems with ease. And he's enormously encouraging. I recommend him to anyone and everyone.

Ratings - Linda

Words cannot express my appreciate and gratitude for Dr. Melvin. I had to have a replacement knee surgery recently at age 87. Dr. Melvin was outstanding in every way. Confident with his diagnosis and very helpful and supportive including a personal call the day before the surgery! The procedure went very well with little pain and an outstanding result! Two weeks later, I am pain free, walking without problems and driving once again.

I recommend Dr. Melvin without hesitation as an outstanding surgeon and overall caring and personable doctor. I doubt I will have any further issues on my knees, but if I did, I would only come to Dr. Melvin for treatment.

Ratings - Dorothy F | October 25, 2017

Dr. Melvin is very personable and not only takes the time to answer the patient's questions, but asks to ensure there are no additional questions. He was very supportive pre-operatively, helping to manage my osteoarthritis pain and providing guidance on when it was time to make the decision for surgery. I am pleased with my surgical results and recommend Dr. Melvin without exception.

Ratings - Herndon, VA | August 01, 2017

Dr. James Melvin is an excellent Orthopedic Surgeon. He is articulate, professional and has a great bedside manor. I appreciate the fact he dos not rush the appointments. He is direct and to the point and manages your expectations. He explains everything thoroughly. I have regained my mobility thanks to his skills. Dr. Melvin is a man of compassion and warmth. I highly recommend him if you are looking for one of the Best! Thank you Dr. Melvin fixing my knee.

Ratings - Jeffrey K in Sterling, VA | July 26, 2017

Dr. Melvin is an excellent surgeon. He also has an amazing capacity to listen to your concerns and to find solutions. He replaced my hip and I could not be happier with the results!

Ratings - Reston, VA | July 25, 2017

Dr. Melvin is well educated, experienced, patient and personable. I required a total left hip arthroplasty due to severe arthritis and its ensuing limitations. Dr. Melvin explained the procedure and the expected results in great detail. His surgical skills are outstanding. I never expected this significant an improvement in my quality of life. I am six weeks post-op and I have more mobility and less pain than I have had in the previous 20 plus years. I recommend Dr. Melvin without reservation.

Ratings - KJ Walsh in Virginia | July 25, 2017

Recently, Dr Melvin replaced my wife's infected hip replacement and installed a temporary prosthesis, which worked very well. Three months later, he effected a total hip revision, which has proved to be excellent. He is a first-rate surgeon. Dr Melvin also prepares patients well for what is going...more

Ratings - John H in Reston, VA | July 19, 2017

I was rear ended while being a passenger in a car. My injuries are causing pain that I would not wish on anyone. When I was expressing concern to my physical therapist, he suggested an orthopedic team that sees many of his patients. The office asked all of the necessary questions needed to jump thru all the paperwork. The building is conveniently located near my physical therapy location. Parking is available, just pay attention to the signs that save spaces for their businesses. The staff members were cordial and helpful. I saw two doctors who were thorough and polite. I have more visits in the future. My first impression was positive.

Ratings - Gail B

I did my physical therapy here and it was a terrible experience. The physical therapist doesn't communicate to you at all about your progress and all he does is type away on his computer. It looked like he didn't know what he was doing because he kept pulling up websites to help him decide what exercises to give me. I had ACL reconstruction surgery and I felt like every exercise he gave me was useless! Luckily, I switched doctors. 3 week in and I'm now running and hopping around. What a difference a good PT can do.

Ratings - Katherine S

Dr. James Melvin III. After having a total knee replacement in 2006, my knee never felt right. I lived in discomfort for 11 years. Dr. Melvin did a total knee revision in April of 2017. The operation was a life changer and has made an incredible difference. He even called me the night before the operation to give me a few words to ease my mind.

Ratings - Miller, VA | July 19, 2017

Fantastic surgeon. I was up and about a couple of days after a hip replacement surgery. Dr. Melvin is extremely talented and a gifted surgeon. Very personable and caring. Highly recommend!!!

Ratings - Darrell C, VA | July 18, 2017

Prompt, friendly, very clear about what is involved in the surgery. So far, seems to have done a great job: I was able to drive less than two weeks after having my right hip replaced and walking was relatively easy from the very beginning.

Ratings - Richard Brewster, VA | July 18, 2017

Dr. Melvin did my hip replacement surgery and it was a success! He explained all the procedure, answered all my questions and he was very professional, courteous and friendly. I highly recommend Dr. Melvin if you need a hip replacement surgery!

Ratings - Fairfax, VA | July 12, 2017

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Melvin. Dr. Melvin performed my bi-lateral hip replacement surgery. Everything went so smoothly. I'm so happy I chose him. He answered all my questions both before and after my surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Melvin if you need hip replacement surgery.

Ratings - Reston, VA | July 05, 2017

Words cannot express my appreciate and gratitude for Dr. Melvin. I had to have a replacement knee surgery recently at age 87. Dr. Melvin was outstanding in every way. Confident with his diagnosis and very helpful and supportive including a personal call the day before the surgery! The procedure went very well with little pain and an outstanding result! Two weeks later, I am pain free, walking without problems and driving once again.

I recommend Dr. Melvin without hesitation as an outstanding surgeon and overall caring and personable doctor. I doubt I will have any further issues on my knees, but if I did, I would only come to Dr. Melvin for treatment.

Ratings - Fortna

Dr. Melvin is simply nothing short of amazing. Not only did he have a marvelous and reassuring bedside manner, but he spent considerable time looking at my x-rays and cat scans and then thoroughly explained the severity of my injury and what my options were. If I ever have another orthopedic issue again, I'm going back to him. I can unequivocally recommend him.

Ratings - White

Dr. Melvin performed a total knee replacement for my mother in June 2017. From the pre-surgery preparation, thru the surgery and post-op care he was impeccable. Coming from a family of 5 doctors and growing up around hospitals I could see that Dr. Melvin actually LISTENS to his patients and CARES for their welfare. He's not some stuffy academic or egoistic doctor - not that I know any of those. He takes the time to explain, in lay man terms, what's happening from a medical perspective. We never felt rushed or hurried for him to skip to the next patient.

I highly recommend Dr. Melvin for anyone in need of a good orthopedic surgeon.

Ratings - Verma

Dr. Melvin performed a total hip replacement on me a year ago. I do not know if my results are typical. I was not in any pain after the surgery, never took any pain medication after an overnight at the hospital, walked in unaided to physical therapy two days later (I got out on a Friday), and went back to work a week and a half later. What more can I say.....other than I highly recommend Dr. Melvin.

Ratings - McDonald

I knew I needed both knees replaced but had heard so many horror stories that I was just plain scared to have it done. Finally, my children convinced me to speak with a doctor at their orthopedic clinic and I was given an appointment with Dr. Melvin. He was so easy to talk to and so confident that I was immediately at ease with him. We decided after another appointment that I would have both knees done at the same time. The surgery was May 18th, and here I am, August 12th, done with PT and walking without a cane.

Ratings - Havard

I had a knee surgery just over a week ago and had Dr. Melvin not of been there, well it would of been a long and painful process. I honestly feel like he is the best doctor in the entire OrthoVirginia area, which made leaving hard and sad!

Ratings - Bakhsh

Dr Melvin cares about his patient before and after surgery. He explains everything you need to know about your surgery. I was referred to OrthoVirginia by my primary care doctor after having 2 botched knee surgeries in Winchester Virginia he is a good orthopedic surgeon and I would refer anyone to him.

Ratings - Richardson-Merritt

The highest compliment that I can give to Dr. Melvin is that I will recommend him to my family and friends, which I don't do lightly.

Ratings - Hilton

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